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18″ Doll Collector’s Weekend Guide

There are only several days until the start of Passover and one week until Easter Sunday. These holidays usually fall concurrently and are always a reason to spend time reflecting and being with friends and family. I have noticed many advertisements for Easter egg hunts at local parks, churches and community centers. These are usually free of charge and open to the community. An easy search on-line or in your local newspaper should provide you with some nearby locations. You and your American Girl® doll will want to put on your Easter bonnets and join the festivities. If you and your 18” doll are celebrating Passover, some beautiful dresses in pastel colors will brighten your Sedar.  In addition to the religious significance of each of these holidays, they both reference spring in their celebrations. So, why not use this weekend for a springtime trip to your local zoo. Springtime at the zoo often times offers a close look at new zoo babies! While you are there, you can also see many different trees and plants budding and blooming as the spring temperatures awaken them from their winter sleep! Oftentimes these are marked with their name and species (for Continue Reading →

What’s New on My Doll’s Life®

My Doll’s Life is excited to be offering a fabulous table top doll dress form for your 18” doll clothing.  The entire dress form measures approximately 16 inches high and the muslin body is almost 8” long from the neck to the bottom and will accommodate up to a 10 ½” waist. The handsome wooden stand, base and top make this as beautiful as it is functional. The easy assembly makes this a perfect accessory for your 18”doll clothes collection. What a lovely way to display your American Girl® doll clothes. This dress form will also work for 15” baby doll clothing that fit Biddy Baby®. This doll dress form by Sophia’s® is certified and safety tested to be compliant with CPSIA standards.

For the 18 Inch American Doll Lover

Have you wondered what to do with your 18” doll clothes that might not be your favorites? What about outfits that were vintage or from another time period…how can you give them a more updated look and extend your doll’s wardrobe? Why not take some of your own fashion tips and apply them to your American Girl® doll! For instance, an outfit from the 1900’s, maybe from Kit or Ruthie’s wardrobes, might feature longer length hemlines and floral prints. Why not add a colorful denim jacket, SPJJ-HP, and a pair of sandals, SSTS-PP for an updated look! If you have some of Felicity’s colonial dresses, how cute would they look  with a crop tie shirt, SPCT-PU or hoodie sweatshirt, SPSS-GY?  Hemlines may go up and down, and color pallets range from jewel tones to pastels, but by using a few contemporary pieces, you can create new looks and extend not only your American Girl’s wardrobe but yours as well. Have fun and be creative!

18″ Doll Outfit of the Week PLUS FREE ACCESSORY!

Spring break might be over and since being back, you and your American Girl® doll are sharing your experiences with all of your friends. Even if you did not leave home, being away from school and friends for an entire week equals lots to talk about!!! What a perfect opportunity to host a sleep over. Popcorn, giggles and late night raids to the refrigerator await you and your guests. Won’t your 18” doll look great in our OUTFIT OF THE WEEK, DRPJ-TQ. This 4 piece, lime green and turquoise satin set has just the right amount of sparkle with the shimmery sequins edging on the baby–doll style top. Also included, ankle length turquoise pants, a lime green, satin eye mask with “Dream” embroidered on the front and a pair of  fuzzy turquoise slippers with an elastic ankle strap. FREE WITH PURCHASE is a purple glitter hairbrush, DNHB-G-PU, perfectly sized for your American Girl® doll. In the morning, after all the yawning and stretching, you can style her hair for the day. In case your doll needs a comfy cozy place to rest her weary head, our coordinating sleeping bag would be perfect, MASB. (sleeping bag sold separately) Continue Reading →

Doll Collector’s Weekend Guide

Several weeks ago, I “planted the seed” to have you consider a summer garden by planting seeds!!! For those of you who have done so, your seeds may be germinating by now. Daily misting with a sprayer and a nice sunny spot will give them all they need. However, what do you do when all of your little pots are now homes to little plants?  It is time to consider where to plant them outdoors. This weekend, you and your American Girl® doll can take a stroll around your house to see where you might locate your garden. (Don’t forget to put on her pollywog sandals…waterproof and great for gardening!)  A sunny, flat area is perfect for most warm weather plants. Try to avoid trees or being too close to your house.  When you have determined where you will have your garden, you will need to ready the soil. This might require your removing grass and/or adding top soil. This is where your local garden center comes in. They usually have knowledgeable personnel who can help you find the correct products to make your garden ready for planting. Some fertilizer, soil, perhaps some fencing…and lots of muscle power. Continue Reading →

Tip of the Day for 18″ Doll Collectors

April 10th – 16th is National Volunteer Week, 2011.  This is a week long opportunity for each one of us to participate some form of volunteerism within our communities.  Through the efforts of The Points of Light Foundation and the Hands on Network, the need for and impact of volunteers is being promoted.  This is a great opportunity for your family to come up with some activities they would find interesting as well as helpful.  These can be as simple as helping clean up your street, taking some old towels and/or blankets to a local SPCA or taking a collection of canned goods to a food bank at a church or community center.  Why not make a chart for every day of National Volunteer Week, where you and your family can plan an activity to do together. Check out the links above for additional ideas and stories of other great volunteers.

What’s New on My Doll’s Life®

Every 18”  doll needs her beauty sleep so why not consider this adorable bed and 2 pc bedding set  LA-B by Sophia’s®!   This piece is made of white powder-coated metal and fashioned in a traditional day bed style. The heart details on the sides add to the dainty, feminine design. Included with the bed is a frilly, eyelet bedding set. The coverlet and pillow add the perfect touch to guarantee your American Girl® doll a perfect night sleep. This bed is light weight and easy to assemble.

18″ Doll Outfit of the Week PLUS FREE SHOES

For those of you who golf, one of the premier golf tournaments is scheduled for the first week in April. The Masters Tournament, one of the four major championships in professional golf, is the first of the majors to be played and is always held at the same course in Augusta, GA. Now, for those of us who’s golfing experiences include windmills, waterfalls, and fire breathing dragons on seashore boardwalk mini golf courses, the Masters tournament might not be at the top of your TV viewing list! However, this week’s Outfit of the Week DRGO will celebrate all of the 18″ American Girl® golfers that might be in the gallery or riding in the cart for 18 holes! This two piece set includes a white polo style shirt that has a pink collar and pink embroidered emblem on the front. The skort (a skirt plus shorts) is a pink cotton gingham that is also duplicated on the placket of the polo shirt. Your 18″ doll will look darling teeing off in this outfit. FREE WITH PURCHASE are a fabulous pair of pink golf shoes SGS that have a nubby sole and a white fringe flap to cover the Continue Reading →

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