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18″ Doll Outfit of the Week plus FREE Shoes

Summer is speeding by and it is hard to believe that there is only one more month before many of you head back to school! You and your American Girl doll still have lots of time to spend with family and friends whether it is on vacations, parties, or just at a casual get together. DRMPD is a dress that will be great to wear for any occasion as it can be dressed up or down just with different shoes or accessories. This ivory dress is printed with black, gray and red circles and has a black scoop collar. A matching hair band with long ties will look great in your American Girl’s hair. FREE with purchase is a pair of silver bow shoes SUB-SL. To change the look, add different shoes, wear over leggings DNL, or add a denim jacket SPJJ-DN. This is a very versatile outfit at a great price and for one week, comes with a FREE pair of shoes! ( though 8/5/11)

18″ Doll Collector’s Weekend Guide

For all of you doll collectors and American Girl Doll Blog readers, who are also gardeners, you know that now would be the time that your garden is ready to harvest! Nothing better than picking a fresh tomato or pepper for your salad! Zucchini is one vegetable that is so easy to grow and is usually very prolific. When your neighbors have had enough, you know it is time to be creative with your zucchini. Fortunately, I only planted one zucchini but I have researched some interesting recipes that I want to share. Here is a link with some yummy suggestions.  So roll up your sleeves and if your American doll is joining you in the kitchen, dress her in our DRBC, baking chef outfit. If you have some interesting recipes you would like to share, please feel free to pass them along at

Tip of the Day for 18 Inch Doll Collectors

Did you know that the first week in August is National Clown Week? Neither did I!! I did a quick internet search and found quite a few schools that teach Circus Art and Clowning Art. Most of us have dressed up like clown at least once in our lives, and some of you might even clown for a living. So, in the spirit of clowns, why not plan some fun activities around clowns and clowning. Here are a few suggestions for you and your American Girl dolls.

Color and decorate your room with clown pictures: Here is a link for some you can download and print.

Make a simple clown hat: using a triangle piece of poster board, adhere the sides together so that there is a point at the top. Decorate the hat with paint, markers and stickers. Be sure to add a colorful pom-pom on the top. With a hole punch, make 2 holes on either side of the bottom and tie string or colorful ribbons to each side which will tie around your chin. Don’t forget to make one for your 18” doll! She won’t want to be left out of the fun!

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What’s New on My Doll’s Life®

Looking for an updated look on a classic shoe? Why not check out our newest high top sneaker! This sneaker can serve as a sport shoe or the trendiest fashion accessory for your American Girl® doll. It currently comes in 3 colors: Black with hot pink trim and lining S3HT-BK, Pink with white trim and lining S3HT-PK, or Hot Pink with lavender trim and lining S3HT-HP. White laces and stitching add the finishing touches.  Won’t your 18” doll look great with a mini skirt, blouse, vest and these high tops? Just imagine the possibilities!

For the 18″ Doll Lover

The American Specialty Toy Retailing Association has picked the 2011 winners of The Best Toys for Kids. There were many categories under which the winning toys were chosen and not surprisingly, there were two dolls that won under the Pretend Play category. Playing with dolls creates a wonderful opportunity for imaginative, interactive play without electronics! Those of us interested in dolls and the doll market realize the value of playing with dolls and I am glad to see that ASTRA considers them winners as well!

18″ Doll Outfit of the Week plus FREE SHOES

Animal prints are a fashion trend that is worn from head to toe and everywhere in between! Our selection for the Outfit of the Week is a pair of pajamas with a very fashion forward look in leopard print! DRPJ-LP is a 2 piece pajama set that features a spaghetti strap tank top with a hook and loop opening down the back and elastic waist long pants. The leopard print satin fabric will make your 18” doll feel great as she lounges around before going to sleep and keep her cool in the summer heat. If you want a matching robe, DRNR-LP is a leopard print fleece robe that has a pink fleece collar and tie belt. FREE WITH PURCHASE is a pair of pink faux suede slippers with pink fleece lining SFS-RO. (through 7/29/11)

18″ Doll Collector’s Weekend Guide

Since it seems that the entire United States is in a heat dome, I am suggesting that everyone stay inside this weekend! While you are staying cool, why not have the family plan a meal…something that you might not ordinarily serve, and make it a learning activity. For example, my niece is coming over and told me that she just learned to make a Greek salad. So, my weekend activity is going to learn how to make souvlaki to eat with the salad. While searching recipes, I learned something about this dish and why it is such a popular food.  Maybe you can choose a specific culture or country. Kids can research facts about the geography, people, customs and foods. Maybe, they can dig through the dress up box and create a costume that might resemble the clothing worn in that country. Then, you can create your menu, make your shopping list, stay cool at the market, and return home for a fun evening of cooking and tasting some new foods. Don’t forget to include your American doll in all this fun! Dress her up in a special outfit for dinner and sit her in a clip on chair Continue Reading →

Tip of the Day for 18″ American Doll Collectors

Would you enjoy a different hair style on your American doll? Why not try some new styles and see how they look! An easy style is a simple pony tail, where you simply gather all the hair into one piece at the back of her head and secure it with a band. Variations on a pony tail are leaving some hair down, taking the pony tail out to one side or high on the head for that “messy” look! If you are up for a challenge, try braiding your doll’s hair. Below are some simple instructions. Be patient, especially if you are a novice! You can try one braid down her back and when you get comfortable with your braiding, try dividing her hair down the back and braiding 2! Be sure you have good wig brush and a spray bottle with water. These tools will help! We have 2 brushes that might be just perfect! DNHB-G is a small glitter hair brush that comes in purple or hot pink. It is great for little hands. DNHB-PK is a standard size wig brush and comes in glitter pink!

For a simple braided look, start by brushing the doll’s hair Continue Reading →

What’s New on My Doll’s Life®

Animal print continues to make a fashion statement and My Doll’s Life ® has some great pieces that feature some great animal prints! For the summer time, here is a fabulous accessory in zebra print that will make quite a splash! SH-AZB is a zebra print, terry cloth beach bag with a surprise! If you unfold the bag, it becomes a beach towel! Big enough to carry a few necessities to the beach or pool and the towel fits in there too!  The black and white stripes are complemented by a hot pink shoulder strap and silk flower. Your American Girl will never lose her spot at the beach with this bold colored towel!  If you like zebra print, your 18” doll will look great in SH-ZT-HP. This 2 piece set features a hot pink tiered skirt and a white short sleeved T-shirt that has a screen printed zebra on the front! To add a dash of color, the zebra sports hot pink silk flower positioned near the shoulder of the T-shirt.  This is a super outfit for summer and looks great with flats or sandals (not included.)

For the 18″ American Doll Lover

I just came across a recent issue of Doll Reader magazine and am amazed at the variety of information inside. You can always read about what’s new in the doll industry, how to’s on collecting dolls, patterns and so much more. There is a great deal going on in the doll industry, not just 18” collectible dolls, but fashion dolls and baby dolls as well. If you have not seen a copy, you might want to pick one up or see if your local library carries it. It is a great way to see the scope of doll collecting, and who knows, it might spark an interest that you did not know you had! Happy Reading! If your American Girl® doll needs a pair of reading glasses, you can find DNEG in silver or gold on My Doll’s Life ®.

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