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For the 18 inch American Doll Lover

Have you seen the trailers for Jack and Jill, the new movie by Adam Sandler? I believe that there are 18” dolls featured in the movie, and I wonder if they are American Girl® dolls! Many of you have created videos with your 18” dolls, and on My Doll’s Life, you can also view some videos with the Sophia’s® Doll. Check out Youtube for   some great, creative videos featuring your favorite 18” play dolls!

18″ Doll Outfit of the Week plus FREE SHOES

Over the next few months, there will likely be many events where you and your American Girl® doll will need to be. Some might be dressy occasions while others might be a bit more casual. This week’s outfit of the week could likely fit both! DRBJJ is a fabulous 3 piece set that not only looks great together, but can always be worn with other pieces in your doll’s wardrobe.  The first piece of this trio is an ecru cinched waist blouse. The lightly gathered neckline and sleeves add a feminine touch, as does the satin bow at the neck.  A hook and loop closure down the back allows for easy dressing. Over that, your 18” doll will wear the adorable red wool crop jacket. This also has a gently ruffled hemline and slightly flared sleeves. Covered buttons and a peter pan style collar add several fashion touches.  The third piece of this set is a pair of wide leg denim jeans. These pants are detailed with front side pockets, belt loops and back flap pockets with stitching details.  FREE WITH PURCHASE is a pair of SPL-RD, red plaid ballerina flats that will make this outfit pop. Because this Continue Reading →

What’s New on My Doll’s Life®

Before you know it, the holiday season will be here. Think of all the places you and your American doll will go…parties, family gatherings, and we have a gorgeous dress for your doll that will be just  perfect for the holidays. DRGBD is a 3 piece set that features a fabulous gold brocade dress, jacket and purse. The elegant fabric of this dress is perfect for that holiday party and the sweetheart neckline and spaghetti straps make it very dressy. A cropped jacket in ivory satin is just enough to cover your doll’s shoulders yet allows the dress to be seen underneath. A drawstring purse in ivory satin is just the right accessory. Add a pair of gold ankle strap shoes, SAD-GD (not included) and your American doll will be the bell of any holiday ball she attends.

18″ Doll Outfit of the Week plus FREE BOOTS

Those of us on daylight savings will soon be awakening in the dark and leaving work in the dark. Along with that, come colder temperatures. Our outfit of the week plus FREE shoes will help keep your American Girl doll warm and cozy while looking so stylish. DRSCH-FS is a beautifully styled jacket and hat set. The mid length jacket is made of a fuchsia suede cloth that is lined in white fluffy “Sherpa” fabric. Two patch pockets and wooden toggle closures are fashion accents that make this coat stand out.  The Sherpa lining which peeks out along the hem, cuffs and neckline adds another great detail.  In addition, there is an adorable bucket-style hat in the same fuchsia fabric with Sherpa trim framing the edges. FREE with PURCHASE is a pair of ewe boots SEB in a matching fuchsia. Won’t your 18” doll look fabulous wearing this set with her favorite skirt set or jeans? We all know that the colder months are ahead, so  why not take advantage of this great deal. (good through 10/28/11)

18 Inch Outfit of the Week plus FREE SHOES

You may have noticed that there has been a great deal of pink seen everywhere during the month of October. Everything pink…from professional sporting team uniforms to lighted buildings! This week’s outfit of the week will have your American doll joining in the festivities! SH-ZT-HP2 is an adorable 2 piece set that features a long sleeve white tee shirt with a screened printed zebra on the front. The contrasting white and black is accented with a hot pink flower on the shoulder. A hot pink tiered skirt adds a bit of flair and fun to this already funky outfit. FREE WITH PURCHASE is a pair of zebra print ballerina flats SZP. What a great look for your doll and a great way to celebrate a great cause. (good through 10/21/11)

18 Inch Doll Outfit of the Week Plus FREE Shoes

Don’t you just love the movie The Little Mermaid? The music, the story…it all just makes you smile! This week’s Outfit of the Week plus FREE shoes will have your 18” doll looking like the perfect mermaid in our DRMC costume. The beautiful sea foam green satin dress is flared and stitched at the bottom to resemble a mermaid’s fins. The bodice and sleeves of the outfit is in matching organza that is shimmery and sheer. Accenting the neckline, bodice, sleeves and fins, is a string of sequins that creates the illusion of a mermaid’s shape. A hook and loop closure down the back allows for easy dressing. The matching headband is embellished with rosettes and ribbons. FREE WITH PURCHASE is a pair of gold jeweled sandals SJF-GD perfect for a mermaid turned princess! Halloween is only a few weeks away. (good through 10/14/11)

Tip of the Day for 18 Inch Doll Collectors

If you are planning a Halloween party for your friends and their American dolls, here is a cute idea for your goody bags or favors. If your American doll needs a costume, we have some adorable choices!



White paper food containers from your local craft store

Pipe cleaners in orange and black

Markers, stickers, black craft paper, glue stick


Decorate the sides of the food container by drawing designs, cutting out Halloween shapes, or using stickers. Be creative and have fun…no two are going to be the same!

Take one each of an orange and black pipe cleaner and twist them together. Beginning at one end of the metal handle of the food container, wrap the twisted pipe cleaner around the handle and be sure to secure it at both ends.

Add treats and goodies for your guests.

What’s New on My Doll’s Life®

The temperatures are beginning to drop and there is certainly an autumn chill in the air. You will want to be dressing your American doll in a jacket as she heads out the door. We have an adorable new jacket that would be perfect for keeping her toasty warm and looking sharp! DRCH-LP is a light pink corduroy jacket that is lined in white fleece. The baseball styling has the traditional banded hem and chest pockets with some updated pleating on the front. The collar shows the soft, fuzzy white fleece and the cuffs can be turned back for a more casual look. The brass snaps add another touch of detail to this adorable jacket. If you prefer this jacket in white, check out DRCH-WC. Both jackets will look great with jeans, skirts and this season’s great boots!

For the 18″ American Doll Lover

For all you American Doll blog readers, I have found something fun! Another blog site, Doll Diaries is having a Halloween Parade for American Girl® dolls!  If you want to enter, you need to go to their site and enter. Once you do, you can upload your photos. The photos of the dolls are just adorable and feature the cutest costumes! What a wonderful way to get into the holiday spirit! If you are looking for costumes for your 18 inch and 15 inch dolls, My Doll’s Life® has a selection of holiday favorites…princesses, mermaids, ballerinas, witches, and other fun looks like an equestrian outfit, baking chef, and 50’s poodle skirt set.

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