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Tip of the Day for 18 Inch Doll Collectors

Are you a leaper or leapling?  A what? Yes, that’s correct…someone celebrating a birthday today, February 29th. If so, Happy Birthday! On non leap years, when do you celebrate your birthday? How are you planning on celebrating? Will your 18” doll be celebrating with you? Why not add some festive desserts for the celebration! Q-DES-MIX will make your party table festive! These erasers look like authentic desserts and are perfect if your American doll is throwing you a party.  Any way you choose to celebrate, all of us at My Doll’s Life® wish you a very happy birthday!

What’s New on My Doll’s Life®

Graphic tees are everywhere and now we have a brand new outfit DRGT-PU with an awesome graphic tee for your American Girl® doll to wear! Our white, short sleeved tee is boldly screen printed with inspirational phrases and rainbow colored designs.  This is a look good and feel good shirt! A hook and loop closure down the back of the shirt allows for easy dressing. The accompanying skirt features a faux fly on front and two gently ruffled tiers. A hook and loop closure down the back of the skirt allows for easy dressing. The grape color compliments the colors in the graphic tee to make this another great outfit to celebrate the month of February!

For the 18 Inch Doll Collector

I have discovered another adorable American Girl doll blog for you all to check out. is an adorable site for young American Gir®l doll collectors. Alyssa, the blogger, has a flair for color, design, fun and information.  Her site is fun and includes AG academy, a school for your American Girl® dolls!  Another great site for American Girl doll blogs is Doll Diaries. This site is dedicated to doll lovers of all ages and includes 18″ dolls like the American Girl, fashion dolls, collectable dolls and lots of others. Both sites are fun, easy to navigate and a wonderful place to interact with other doll collectors. If you love American Girl® dolls, you might want to bookmark these American doll blog sites.

18″ Doll Outfit of the Week plus FREE Shoes

Will your American doll will be as glamorous and gorgeous as all of the starlets walking the red carpet at the Oscars? Absolutely! This week’s Outfit of the Week plus FREE shoes will keep her center stage and looking like an Oscar winner.  DRGBD is a 3 piece set that begins with a gold brocade knee length dress. The sweetheart shaped top is complimented by spaghetti straps and an empire waistline. To keep her shoulders covered, she can wear the ivory satin shrug.  The creamy ivory satin matches the third piece of this set, a drawstring clutch purse. FREE with purchase SJF-GD, is a pair of gold, jeweled sandals.  Whether or not your doll stars in a movie, she will be an Oscar winner in this set. (good through March 2, 2012)

Tip of the Day for 18″ Doll Collectors

The translation of Mardi Gras is fat Tuesday.  Fat Tuesday falls on the day before Ash Wednesday which is the first day of Lent. Regardless of your culture or religious backgrounds, Mardi Gras is a joyous celebration filled with wild costumes, great foods, and lots of fun! Why not try a recipe for a traditional Louisiana sandwich called a Po’ Boy. This usually includes some kind of meat or for this time of year, fish, and served on French bread, cut to the size of a 5-6 inch sandwich. You can experiment with shrimp, cod, or roast beef. Dress your sandwich with a variety of condiments, some mayo and enjoy! If you are up for a baking challenge, you can try King Cake for dessert. The links for the recipes are just suggestions and lots more are available on line!  Your doll can help when she’s dressed in the Chef’s outfit DRBC!

18″ Doll Outfit of the Week plus FREE Shoes

Since February’s birthstone is amethyst and the flower is a violet, this week’s Outfit of the Week DRPLT-PS will celebrate the color purple!  The long sleeve shirt gives the look of a layered tee; purple screen printed  flowers embellish the body of the white short sleeve shirt  and plain white fabric sleeves extend to the wrist  giving this adorable tee a trendy layered look. A hook and loop closure down the back allows for easy dressing.   The companion skirt is a grape colored cotton with deep purple ruffled trim at the waist, hem and along the sides. These details make this a fun skirt to wear together with the matching shirt or with many other tops your American doll might already have. The elastic waistband is easy to get on and off your 18 inch doll.   FREE WITH PURCHASE is a pair of SLS-PU, white sneakers with purple ribbon trim. Your American doll will be celebrating everything purple in February when she’s wearing this outfit! (good through 2/24/12)

Doll Outfit of the Week plus FREE SHOES

President’s Day is celebrated on February 20th so this week’s Outfit of the Week plus FREE SHOES will celebrate the Red, White and Blue! This 3 piece outfit DRSGU will make your American doll feel very patriotic! The creamy white shirt features long sleeves with real button cuffs. The shirt placket shows 4 buttons and a dainty ruffle that hides the hook and loop closure. A traditional pointed collar can be worn down or “popped” for a more casual look. Over top, is a red ribbed cotton tee with a scooped neckline, embellished with rhinestones. ¾ length sleeves will allow the shirt cuffs to peek out for that layered look.  An “A” line, wrap style skirt is made from a red, white and navy plaid fabric with a hook and loop closure down the side. To complete this “presidential” look, we are adding a pair of red patent bow slip on shoes SUB-RD FREE WITH PURCHASE. (good through February 17, 2012)

American Doll Collector’s Weekend Guide

If you are looking for a new hobby or interested in learning something new, I have just reviewed a terrific book “Embroider Everything Workshop”, by Diana Rupp, that will springboard you into the fine art of Embroidery. This is a beginner’s guide and starts with an overview of different types of needlework. The accompanying photographs show colorful examples and certainly made me realize how far back this art form has been practiced.  There are four chapters that will take you through what you need, getting started, stitch instruction, and creating designs. The chapters are easy to read and offer clear diagrams, photographs and illustrations. I found it very easy to follow and the diagrams and photographs were very helpful to me when I attempted to reproduce each stitch. Included in the book is a Practice Stitch Card…an awesome, hands on practice guide for folks like me that really need a step-by-step visual experience to learn these stitches. You actually stitch through the card using the illustration guides and text! Before you know it, you have mastered a variety of stitches!

The remainder of the book is dedicated to Projects…tons of them!  There are projects for you and even some that could Continue Reading →

What’s New on My Doll’s Life®

Here are some new leggings SNL-SF that will add a bit of fun to your American doll’s winter wardrobe. White cotton leggings with all over print of a variety of snowflake patterns. It is a bit whimsical and a perfect accessory for under skirts or with tunic sweaters. Why be bothered by the winter doldrums when your 18″ doll can smile and have fun wearing these adorable snowflake leggings!

18″ Doll Outfit of the Week plus FREE SHOES

Cupid’s arrows will be flyin’ because Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. Your American doll will be sweet as candy in this week’s Outfit of the Week!  DRPJ-HA, a 2 piece pajama set, would make a great Valentine’s Day gift. The soft pink cotton tank top has ribbed trim at the neckline and straps. On the front of the tank is a hot pink heart appliqué bordered in pink satin stitching. The elastic waist pajama pants are made from the same pink cotton interlock and are covered in pink hearts! A self tie bow decorates the waistline. FREE WITH PURCHASE is a pair of cozy white slippers with a pink embroidered flower in the front SSE-PK. If you want your doll to be extra sweet, there is a companion bathrobe, DRNR-PK that is soft pink fleece and decorated with heart appliques, ties at the waist and comes with heart slippers!  Your 18” doll will be the sweetest valentine in these PJ’s.  Happy Valentine’s Day! (good through 2/10/12)

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