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Something’s Cooking for your 18″ Doll at My Doll’s Life®

Summer’s abundance of  fruits and veggies are key ingredients for some awesome dishes.   Wearing the perfect chef outfit is a key ingredient for your American Girl doll while whipping up her culinary creations! This 4 piece Baking Chef set (DRBC) will make any 18″ doll feel like a master chef. Traditional black and white checkered pants are topped with a white double breasted jacket detailing an embroidered cupcake on the front. Because it heats up in the kitchen, the red bandana around your doll’s neck will help keep her cool and the toque, or chef’s hat, will keep her hair out of the way. Included and FREE with this purchase, are some bright red polliwogs (SSPW-RD). Limited offer, good through 7/5/13.

My Doll’s Life® Shipping 18″ Doll Clothes to Canada

If you reside in Canada, you can now shop for 18 inch doll clothes and 18″ doll accessories on My Doll’s Life®. The clothing and  accessories available at My Doll’s Life® will fit a variety of 18″ dolls including American Girl®, Maplelea, Sophia’s® and Adora. In general, the 18″ doll shoes sold on My Doll’s Life® measure approximately 3 3/4 inches long (9.5250 cm)  and 2 1/2 inches wide (6.3500 cm)  when measured at the widest part of the shoe. 18″ doll feet vary in size, however you can modify a loose fit by having your favorite doll wear a pair of socks or tights! Choose from our extensive collection of outfits, jeans, sweaters, purses, eye glasses and accessories. We are very pleased to welcome our Canadian neighbors to shop our extensive collection of 18 inch doll products and we look forward to hearing from you. Please note that not all products available are eligible for Canadian shipping. Check the website for details on Canadian orders.


Celebrate the Solstice with your American Girl Doll

Welcoming summer and the longest day of the year will be easy in this week’s Outfit of the Week. This outfit (DRCD-JH) is the perfect 2-piece sundress set for your 18-inch doll‘s fun in the sun. The fuchsia sundress has a modest V-neck that is fashioned into the spaghetti straps. The gentle gathers are attached to a fabric band creating an empire bodice and the hem is completed with a ruffle flounce. Fantastic details added to the “heathered” fabric. Add the deep purple crop jacket and your American Girl doll will have a look that will work for all of her summer occasions. For a limited time, receive FREE ballerina polliwogs in fuchsia and purple (SSBP-HP)! (Good through 6/28/13)

Strut in Style with 18″ Satin Ballet Flats for American Girl

Having the perfect pair of shoes to complete an outfit is as important to your American Girl doll as it is to most of us girls! New to My Doll’s Life are four pair of satin ballet flats (SBFT) in great colors to coordinate with most of your 18″ dolls’ outfits. Each pair of shoes for 18-inch dolls is trimmed in a contrasting satin color with a matching bow on the top of the shoe.  Navy/lime green, lavender/silver, hot pink/black, and silver/gray …combinations that will please any 18-inch doll! Spice up a plain look with a pop of color with any of these adorable ballet flats.

Out on the Links with your American Girl Doll

Calling all golfers! One of the premier golf tournaments is taking place right around the corner from us! The U.S. Open is one of several major championships in U.S. professional golf. This outfit will celebrate all of the 18″ American Girl® golfers that might be in the gallery or riding in the cart for 18 holes! This two-piece 18″ doll golf outfit (DRGO) includes a white polo style shirt with an pink embroidered emblem on the front and pink collar. The skort (a skirt plus shorts) is a pink cotton gingham. Your 18″ doll will look darling teeing off in this outfit. Add a pair of pink golf shoes (SGS)  FREE WITH PURCHASE, that have a nubby sole and a white fringe flap to cover the laces.  You can also purchase the pink doll visor (HV-PK) and sport socks (DNSS) – visor and socks not included – and your 18-inch doll will be a champion on whatever course she plays! Fits most 18″ dolls including American Girl®, Journey, Springfield, Sophia’s, and Madame Alexander. Note: doll, visor and socks not included.  Limited-time offer good through 6/21/13.

Keeping it Casual for your 18 Inch Doll

Casual, comfortable and colorful describes this new 2 piece summer outfit (DRBTD-ST) available on My Doll’s Life®. Start with a gently tailored tunic top in traditional navy interlock. Add a ribbon belt in lime green to the tunic top. Wear over hot pink leggings with multicolored stripes in white, orange, yellow, black, and lime green. That’s the recipe for a great summer outfit for your American Girl doll. If she’s off with friends to the movies or dinner, this outfit would give her the perfect look. Wear together with a pair of navy satin ballet flats (SBFT-NV), also new, for a more dressy look or a pair of green foam sandals (SFO-LM) for something more casual.  Both are available separately on My Doll’s Life®.

Stow and Store your 18 Inch Doll Clothes

Slipping, tripping and falling is only funny when masterfully done by the Three Stooges! According to the National Safety Council, falls account for 8.9 million trips to the ER (no pun intended!)  For doll enthusiasts, keeping your 18″ doll clothing and 18 inch doll accessories safely in one place not only preserves those items, it can also also prevent an accidental slip and fall, potential choking on little accessories, or damaging vacuums and sweepers. My Doll’s Life has a variety of products ready to stow and store all of your 18″ doll clothing. Something as simple as our wooden floral doll dress rack (WF-DR), or as traditional as our solid white wooden armoire (SF-A), you can find the right products at the right prices throughout our furniture section. So take a look around and see what you might be able to pick up and keep safe.

Cool & Comfortable Look for 18-Inch Dolls

Posted on by Tori Hall

Having a comfortable shorts outfit that can look great for a casual or dressy event is what this outfit (DRAPS-AT) will be for your American Girl doll.  This is a 2-piece set in aqua colors your doll can wear when she’s out with friends for lunch or just reading in the back yard. Included is an aqua baby doll style top with a slightly squared neckline, capped sleeves and 3-button detail on top.  A gold sequin strand accentuates the bodice from the gently pleated bottom.  For easy dressing, a hook and loop closure extends down the entire back of the blouse.  Aqua plaid walking shorts have a delicate beige stripe which picks up the gold in the top.  The longer length of these shorts make this an outfit that can be worn for many different occasions.  A pair of white strappy sandals (SS-WH) will complete this look and are FREE with purchase. What a great look together and also to mix and match. Free shoes is a limited time offer good through 6/14/13.

18 Inch Doll Athletes Acknowledge National Safety Month

Posted on by Tori Hall

Every aspect of our lives require attention to safety. With our children so involved in athletics, injury prevention is crucial.  Safety measures in every sport  have been implemented in an attempt to reduce the chances of players getting hurt.  An easy way to begin looking at safety in athletics is the equipment used for the sport. Helmets for all riding and contact sports, joint protection to avoid injury to knees and elbows, goggles to protect eyes from flying sticks and balls and special footwear, are just a few measures used to keep players safe.   Our 18 inch dolls Carly and Sophia are setting excellent examples of how to stay safe while while staying active. What sports do you play and how do you stay safe while playing?

What’s your 18″ Doll Cookin’ in the Kitchen?

Posted on by Tori Hall

Spending time in the kitchen can be relaxing and fun. Whether you like to bake or put together elaborate meals, any cook knows that it all starts with a great kitchen. To help your American doll create her culinary delights, we have a well equipped kitchen and accessories just her size.  SF-K is a white wooden kitchen for 18″ dolls that is decorated with hearts and flowers in shades of pink. There is a sink, two burners, an oven and storage drawer/fridge. The unit has doors and a drawer, shelves, places to hang your utensils and a towel rack on the side. It measures approximately 18 x 9 x 20 and needs to be assembled.  What’s cooking in your kitchen tonight?

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