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18″ Doll Clothes Sets Make Shopping Easy!

Shopping for 18 inch doll clothes is fun and easy in the Quick Shop collection on My Doll’s Life. All of the  Quick Shop doll outfits fit American Girl as well as many other of your favorite 18″ dolls and are complete sets that include 18in doll shoes, 18″ doll socks, or 18 inch doll accessories. By choosing from our selection of Quick Shop merchandise, you can have a complete outfit for your American Doll with just one click! There are so many selections from which to choose: 18 inch doll dresses that include fur wraps, shoes or purses, 18″ doll pants sets that have boots or shoes, pajamas for 18in dolls with slippers, swimwear with beach shoes or accessories and sports uniforms for your 18 inch doll that have corresponding athletic shoes or accessories.  Your American Girl can wear something new and have pieces to mix and match in her 18 in doll clothes wardrobe. New to the Quick Shop collection and also the Outfit of the Week is QS-DRPFI-HT, a pink Fair Isle patterned 18″doll knit dress set.  In addition to this adorable doll dress, this dress set includes a purple fleece pom-pom Continue Reading →

Create the Perfect Hairstyle for 18″ Dolls

For holiday celebrations, creating a great hairstyle is as much fun as choosing the perfect 18 inch doll outfit. My Doll’s Life has all you need to inspire the hair designer in you! DRTSD-BK  is a 2 piece leggings set that fits American Girl dolls.  The tunic length top is a rich berry color with a satin bow detail at the neckline.  Add black 18in doll leggings  with a pop of “chic” sequins around the bottom of the legs and FREE ballet flats S1LJ-BY,  and your favorite 18 inch doll will be looking amazing.  Not only can this 18 inch doll outfit be worn in and out of the salon, it can be a great look for school, family dinners or shopping with the girls!   This Outfit of the Week, DRTSD-BK, will give your favorite 18″ doll a super look as the hair stylist or the client and the hair care accessory sets for 18 inch dolls JL-HCS and JL-HSS provide you with all the necessary tools .  By incorporating the Salon Backdrop BB-ICBP and Salon Chair LA-CS, you and your dolls can create the perfect hairstyle for every occasion.

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