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From a Girl’s Perspective

I love Christmas because I get many gifts for my Dolls! This Christmas I got a lot of clothes and furniture. One of the things I received was a floral print bed! I love getting furniture because then I can make a bedroom for my dolls! Right now I love making videos about my dolls and pretend they are real. Its fun when the video is finished and I watch my dolls talk to each other.

I also got a microphone and a violin for my dolls! I play the violin and love to sing so I loved this gift. It is fun when your doll has the same things as you! Whenever I have a friend over that also loves playing with dolls, we always pretend the dolls are at a boarding school and they share a room. Since I have a lot of accessories for my dolls every time I play my doll has different traits. One time I had my doll be a funny, Cheerleader, who also sings!

The last thing I got for my dolls was a bunch of poster board! Now I know what you are thinking, “Jen? What does that have to do with dolls?” It Continue Reading →

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