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Beth’s Best for 18″ Doll Clothes

Greetings! I’m Beth and want to welcome you to my new feature, Beth’s Best! I am a doll lover and am fortunate enough to work at My Doll’s Life, where I can be surrounded by 18 inch dolls, clothing and accessories! Everything for 18″dolls is right here and on Tuesdays, I get to play, create some adorable looks and share them with you! All the clothes fit American Girl® Dolls, Sophia’s®, Madame Alexander® and a variety of other 18 inch dolls.

To kick off my first post, I wanted to send our Catherine doll off to school, (which is so much easier than sending my daughter off to school on some mornings!) where she is teaching a geography lesson. Geography is not her favorite and she’s practicing her lesson at home to be sure she gets her facts correct!  Since the weather here in the mid-Atlantic region is rainy, cold and overcast, Catherine still needs some layers to keep her warm. What’s the weather like in your neck of the woods?  Since it is April after all, I chose a peasant top, SPWB-PT, which provides a bit of spring layering with the gauzy, pleated fabric and bell sleeves. Continue Reading →

From a Girl’s Perspective

I love Christmas because I get many gifts for my Dolls! This Christmas I got a lot of clothes and furniture. One of the things I received was a floral print bed! I love getting furniture because then I can make a bedroom for my dolls! Right now I love making videos about my dolls and pretend they are real. Its fun when the video is finished and I watch my dolls talk to each other.

I also got a microphone and a violin for my dolls! I play the violin and love to sing so I loved this gift. It is fun when your doll has the same things as you! Whenever I have a friend over that also loves playing with dolls, we always pretend the dolls are at a boarding school and they share a room. Since I have a lot of accessories for my dolls every time I play my doll has different traits. One time I had my doll be a funny, Cheerleader, who also sings!

The last thing I got for my dolls was a bunch of poster board! Now I know what you are thinking, “Jen? What does that have to do with dolls?” It Continue Reading →

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