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Tip of the Day for 18″ American Doll Collectors

Would you enjoy a different hair style on your American doll? Why not try some new styles and see how they look! An easy style is a simple pony tail, where you simply gather all the hair into one piece at the back of her head and secure it with a band. Variations on a pony tail are leaving some hair down, taking the pony tail out to one side or high on the head for that “messy” look! If you are up for a challenge, try braiding your doll’s hair. Below are some simple instructions. Be patient, especially if you are a novice! You can try one braid down her back and when you get comfortable with your braiding, try dividing her hair down the back and braiding 2! Be sure you have good wig brush and a spray bottle with water. These tools will help! We have 2 brushes that might be just perfect! DNHB-G is a small glitter hair brush that comes in purple or hot pink. It is great for little hands. DNHB-PK is a standard size wig brush and comes in glitter pink!

For a simple braided look, start by brushing the doll’s hair Continue Reading →

Tip of the day for 18″ American Doll Collectors

Posted on by Tori Hall

With Memorial Day weekend rapidly approaching, many of us are looking forward to a long weekend, parades, maybe even a trip to the beach. Taking your American Girl doll along with you is part of the pleasure of having an 18” doll. Here’s a cute way to have your doll along and look stylish at the same time. All you need is a 32” square scarf or even a 45” square table cloth.  It is easy, looks great, and can serve as a carry all for your doll and an awesome looking purse for you! Here’s how you do it:

Lay the scarf facedown. Pull one of the corners to make a tail and knot it about 1/3 of the way in.  Repeat this knotting on the scarf’s other three corners.

To make handles, tie the upper two tails together in a square knot (L over R, R over L)

Use a larger square scarf for a deeper bag.

The styles are endless depending on the scarves used and can be matched to your outfit!

What’s New on My Doll’s Life®

My Doll’s Life is excited to be offering a fabulous table top doll dress form for your 18” doll clothing.  The entire dress form measures approximately 16 inches high and the muslin body is almost 8” long from the neck to the bottom and will accommodate up to a 10 ½” waist. The handsome wooden stand, base and top make this as beautiful as it is functional. The easy assembly makes this a perfect accessory for your 18”doll clothes collection. What a lovely way to display your American Girl® doll clothes. This dress form will also work for 15” baby doll clothing that fit Biddy Baby®. This doll dress form by Sophia’s® is certified and safety tested to be compliant with CPSIA standards.

Welcome to Our New American Doll Blog!

Calling all Teens, Moms and doll collectors…We are thrilled to be introducing our brand new blog at My Doll’s Life®, to all of our 18” doll fans!

Our new blog will focus on the 18 inch doll marketplace, offering every 18″ doll lover and collector the latest in fashion, industry news, American Girl® style tips, activities, and much more! Each day will highlight a different category and will include Facebook Giveaways, recipes for you to enjoy, entertaining games to play with your American Girl® doll, and back by popular demand, the Outfit of the Week; a special Sophia’s® brand outfit with a pair of shoes, specially priced for one week only!

Now that our new blog has been announced, let me introduce myself! My name is
Victoria (Tori) Hall and I will be bringing you many of the blog weekly entries. My interest in dolls began when my daughters received their own American Girl® dolls and Magic Attic dolls. We would dress and re-dress them for hours, creating so many new looks by switching outfit pieces and adding special touches like jewelry, and little handmade items they created in our arts and crafts room. It was a wonderful Continue Reading →

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