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Two Easy Activities Help Celebrate Memorial Day

Posted on by Tori Hall

The upcoming holiday allows many of us an extra day to be home with family and friends. Here are some fun activities to do with your children to help celebrate Memorial Day. If your town is having a parade, (I know that our town does,) here is a quick, easy and fun way to display the American flag in windows or on cozy coupes, wagons or tricycles! Since picnics are also customary for Memorial Day, how about an easy recipe for a healthy, All American Parfet!

Here is a list of what you will need to make your flag:

construction paper (white, red and blue)
silver star stickers (no more than 50!)
scissors and a glue stick

I used one piece of white construction paper as the background for my flag. On the red paper, I marked 1″ lines which will form my stripes. I made 5 stripes. Using the blue paper, I cut a rectangle 3″x4.5″.  An adult might be needed to cut the construction paper, however, if your child can use child scissors, it is great practice if cutting lines are drawn. Using the silver stars, decorate the blue paper sticking stars in lines. Depending on the size of the stars, you might or might not be able to get Continue Reading →

Quick Picks for your 18 inch Doll Clothes

With the holidays rapidly approaching, My Doll’s Life is hoping to make your shopping experience a bit easier with our Quick Picks category for 18″ doll clothes.  We have selected 17 outfits for your 18″ doll, most of which come complete with shoes and or accessories! This gives you the opportunity to shop from a variety of our 18 in doll clothes categories and get all the components needed to complete the 18″ doll clothes look you desire.  When time counts, one stop shopping for doll clothes that fit American Girl, is a convenience that we hope you enjoy.  When time permits, My Doll’s Life has an extensive selection of 18 inch doll outfits, doll shoes, doll accessories, doll toys and doll furniture that you will certainly enjoy viewing.  For youngsters, using our Wish List makes it easy to know just what their favorites are when a birthday or holiday arrives.  Remember that we are offering free shipping on Domestic orders over $60 with the discount coupon code. See details located on the website. While there are lots of reasons to shop at My Doll’s Life, Quick Picks is an easy way to get the perfect 18″ doll outfit with just one Continue Reading →

Back to School!

Back from vacation and, for many, a time to be thinking about going back to school! Many children return to school before Labor Day, which for some families might interrupt a late summer vacation. Others start after the long Labor Day weekend. Personally, I prefer the pre-Labor Day start. Transitioning back to a regular routine is not easy for most families. Knowing that after a few days back at school there will be a short intermission before returning to a full time schedule is less stressful. The first few days of school are usually filled with important information that is not usually academic – how to operate lockers, schedules, class changes, forms to complete, hall passes, dress codes, etc. By the time students return after Labor Day, they might be more focused and ready to attend to learning. Practicing the “get up for school” routine is a good way to get kids and parents ready for this new schedule. Grocery shopping for healthy breakfast foods and lunch box treats can get everyone involved.  It is a special time punctuated with new school supplies and often a few new clothing items and lots of new friends! Hoping that your Continue Reading →

18 Inch Doll Athletes Acknowledge National Safety Month

Posted on by Tori Hall

Every aspect of our lives require attention to safety. With our children so involved in athletics, injury prevention is crucial.  Safety measures in every sport  have been implemented in an attempt to reduce the chances of players getting hurt.  An easy way to begin looking at safety in athletics is the equipment used for the sport. Helmets for all riding and contact sports, joint protection to avoid injury to knees and elbows, goggles to protect eyes from flying sticks and balls and special footwear, are just a few measures used to keep players safe.   Our 18 inch dolls Carly and Sophia are setting excellent examples of how to stay safe while while staying active. What sports do you play and how do you stay safe while playing?

Style Savvy Separates to Complement Your 18 Inch Doll

Posted on by Tori Hall

Using  individual pieces to complement your doll’s wardrobe is a way to maximize your investment in doll clothing. By adding a few separates, you might be surprised at the different ways you can mix and match them creating a variety of style savvy looks for your American Girl doll. My Doll’s Life has a fantastic selection of 18 inch doll shirts, 18″ doll blouses, skirts and pants for 18 inch dolls which are great to mix and match…giving you the opportunity to make different outfits by combining them with pieces you might already own. If you have our skinny jeans and crown logo tee (DRCT-SJ) you might consider adding the pink vest with fur trimmed hood (SH-PV-LP) or (SPTS-CF) a short sleeved cinched tee shirt. Using these 2 pieces, you can create several different looks that your doll can wear all year long! Add the vest for outdoor fun in autumn and wear the cinched tee shirt for a night walking the boardwalk on your summer vacation. Have fun and be creative!

Easy Sombrero Table Decoration for Cinco de Mayo

Posted on by Tori Hall

I found this adorable centerpiece idea  that I wanted to share with you. There are so many great ideas on line! This one is easy and perfect for your Cinco de Mayo celebrations!
Supplies: paper or styrofoam cup, 6″ paper plate, felt strips in red and green (the colors of the Mexican flag), small/medium pom-poms, yellow poster paint and glue
Directions: Paint paper plate and Styrofoam cup with yellow paint. Glue the Styrofoam cup to the center of the paper plate to form your hat. Glue the felt around the bottom of the Styrofoam cup and alternate colors to make stripes.  Glue the pom-poms to the edge of the paper plate.


Celebrate Earth Day 2013- Think Green

Waiting in line at a community recycling event last weekend, I saw what seemed to be mountains of TV’s, computer screens, small appliances, paint cans and barbeque grills.  Each of these items was being separated and stacked with like items to be dismantled and safely recycled.  I was imagining what these piles would look like in one heap in some landfill and was even more appreciative of the community efforts to provide a safe place to dispose of these potentially “toxic” items.  Take advantage of these opportunities in your communities. Earth Day should be a yearly reminder of how each one of us can live a bit more “green”. What have you done today to be “green“?

Tip of the Day for 18″ Doll Collectors

If you are like so many of us without electricity, how do you pass the time ? I thought that it was a good opportunity to organize. Pick a drawer that is easy to move to a light source. I chose to do my bedside tables…always full of special letters and notes from my children. My kid’s drawers, however, are full do doll clothes and accessories. Spending some time laying out all of their outfits and then with our joint creativity, we began to make lots of other outfits that they wanted to dress their dolls in. Photographing the outfits allowed us to make a wonderful “look book” for use at any time…play dates with friends or runway fashion shows. Storing outfits in plastic food storage bags can assist you with remembering your new looks if you don’t have a camera! Not only did this help pass the time, we had a blast designing some awesome outfits! While many of us were not in harms way with hurricane Sandy or perhaps mildly inconvenienced, please remember all those who were affected by this unprecedented storm.


Tip of the Day for 18″ Doll Collectors

Having a few key accessories can help extend your 18″ doll’s wardrobe and easily turn one outfit into many. For example, our olive military jacket, SPMJ-OL, can be worn over a tank top with jeans or with a skirt and dressy shirt, making each of these looks very different when worn without the jacket. How about a pair of Ewe Boots, SEB. These are an incredible accessory as boots are worn with everything from skirts, pants, leggings and dresses. Add a pair of leggings DNL to change the look of a shorter length dress into a 2 piece set, or have your 18 inch doll wear leggings under a mini skirt or belted top. Be creative when changing your American doll’s looks. By incorporating a few accessories into her wardrobe, you can create lots of different looks without breaking your budget!

Tip of the Day For 18″ Doll Collectors

Watch TV news channel and you are bound to see plenty of featured stories about the upcoming presidential election. We watched the Republican and Democratic conventions and the push is on for each of the candidates to win the election in November. What a perfect opportunity to engage your children in the election process. Regardless of your  politics, every child can benefit from learning about how our election process works. If you have not every taken your children to the polls, it is quite an educational experience! Besides, my kids love to go for the cookies! Take your  American girl doll along…dressed in something red, white and blue…DRNFT-RP and learn about how our voting system works!

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