18″ American Doll Collector’s Weekend Guide

Posted on by Tori Hall

In addition to Easter celebrations this weekend, there will also be many ways for you and your 18″ American doll to celebrate Earth Day. All of us should be concerned with polluting less, creating less waste and conserving energy. So before you go out on your Easter egg hunt, why not have everyone in your family make a pledge to do something green. For instance, moms could pledge to hang clothes out to dry instead of drying them totally in the electric dryer. Kids could make less waste by using a lunch box and re-usable water bottle instead of using a paper bag and plastic water bottle for school. Dads could take leaves and household food trash and begin to compost for planting around the house. Every family member could make a point to turn lights off when they are not in use and be sure to use energy saving light bulbs where you can.  It is easy to come up with ways to be “green” on Earth Day and Every Day! Happy Earth Day and Happy Easter!

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