18″ American Girl® Doll Collector’s Weekend Guide

Posted on by Tori Hall

April 15th is Income Tax day! We have all been busy preparing our taxes and some actually wait to complete this annual ritual right up to the deadline by dropping off their tax forms at a local post office by midnight of April 14th! In Philadelphia, there are post office employees outside of the main post office collecting envelopes for those last minute tax returns! Although explaining why we pay taxes would be too complicated for most children…it’s even complicated for most adults, this might be a wonderful time to teach your children about money. If you live in or near Philadelphia and Denver, the United States Mint has locations in these cities. Free tours are provided and offer a firsthand look at how our money is made.  Whether or not you live near a United States Mint, teaching your children the value of money can be initiated at a very young age. For most of us, saving money began with our very own piggy banks. Making your own piggy bank makes it even more special. Find out where there is a “make your own ceramics” store near you. Not only can your child choose his/her own special bank, they can add their own creative “signature” with glazes and finishes. What a sense of pride a child will have by dropping coins into their very own, one of a kind, bank. Experts say that saving up for a special purchase is a great incentive…maybe some 18″ doll clothes from My Doll’s Life®! I would love to see photos of banks that you have made. Feel free to send them to tori@mydollslife.com. Have fun!

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