18″ Doll Collector’s Weekend Guide

Posted on by Tori Hall

Since it seems that the entire United States is in a heat dome, I am suggesting that everyone stay inside this weekend! While you are staying cool, why not have the family plan a meal…something that you might not ordinarily serve, and make it a learning activity. For example, my niece is coming over and told me that she just learned to make a Greek salad. So, my weekend activity is going to learn how to make souvlaki to eat with the salad. While searching recipes, I learned something about this dish and why it is such a popular food.  Maybe you can choose a specific culture or country. Kids can research facts about the geography, people, customs and foods. Maybe, they can dig through the dress up box and create a costume that might resemble the clothing worn in that country. Then, you can create your menu, make your shopping list, stay cool at the market, and return home for a fun evening of cooking and tasting some new foods. Don’t forget to include your American doll in all this fun! Dress her up in a special outfit for dinner and sit her in a clip on chair LA-CC so that she can be a part of the excitement. Bon appetite!

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