18″ Doll Collectors’ Weekend Guide

Posted on by Tori Hall

Now, since most of us are now operating on Daylight savings time, the days are getting a bit longer and the weather is getting a bit warmer…at least for us on the east coast. Why not take advantage of the beginning of spring (March 20th) and plan to do something outdoors. I know on my street, there are lots of tree limbs and debris, reminders of this winter’s wrath! So, I know that I will be outside collecting them and getting the lawn ready for the first mow of the season! As you look around, you can see lots of budding bulbs…crocus, lily of the valley, grape hyacinth, daffodils, iris…and the list could go on and on. This is the time I get itchy to “play in the dirt” and ready my flower beds and garden.  Gardening is a great activity to do with your family and the rewards are immeasurable. Why not begin by visiting a local garden center for some seeds that you can begin sowing indoors. I would suggest beans or something in the squash family. I did pumpkins that we harvested at Halloween! My kids loved it. These seeds germinate quickly and are easy to transplant outdoors. If you intend to do anything in the squash family, be sure you have some room outdoors…they do spread! So some seeds, soil and peat pots (you can plant seeds indoors and put this entire pot in the ground later) are all you need to get started. I know that we will have more gardening entries as time goes on…but for now, get on your gloves and have fun!

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