American Girl® Doll Collector’s Weekend Guide

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Washington, DC welcomes the arrival of spring with the National Cherry Blossom Festival, a tradition that showcases the beautiful gift of 3,000 cherry trees that the city of Tokyo gave to our nation’s capital. The date when the Yoshino cherry blossoms reach their peak bloom varies from year to year, depending on the weather. The blooming period lasts up to as long as 14 days. They are considered to be at their peak when 70 percent of the blossoms are open. Each year, the dates of the National Cherry Blossom Festival are determined based on the average date of blooming, which is around April 4th. This date is forecast by the chief horticulturist for the National Park Service. This year, the blooms are to peak between March 29th and April 1st. The highlight of this two week event is the breath taking sight of thousands of cherry trees in full bloom, however, there are many other events including parades, art exhibits and restaurant festivals. This year’s festivities will include fund raising events for the victims of the tsunami.  If you are looking for a day trip or a longer visit, here is a link to a website that will provide you with some great information.  Although I live close enough to Washington, DC to attend this annual extravaganza, I have never been. This year, I am making plans to attend, even if it just for the day. No doubt there will be lots of 18 inch American Girl® Doll enthusiasts present! If you have been, or plan to visit, let me know at

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