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One of the most popular doll play activities is doing your dolls’ hair. After all, how many of us learned how to create a ponytail or braid on our dolls before we ever tried creating the same style on our own hair. And if going to the salon is a treat for us, of course it is a treat for the dolls to go to the doll hair salon, too.

In order to recreate that perfect salon experience at home, we have everything your dolls will need! Let’s take a look at each of the items pictured above:

The Beauty Salon and Sweet Shop on Main Street Reversible Playscene is the perfect backdrop for doll play. Endless possibilities and plenty of inspiration in the artwork and when you are done playing, it folds flat for easy storage.

The Salon Chair will make it easy to give your doll the ultimate salon experience. Not only is it adjustable using the foot rest, but the hook and loop straps will help keep your doll seated while you work your hair styling magic.

Have fun with a little extra color in your hair style! Clip in hair extensions in bright blue, pink and purple are easy to put in your doll’s hair for a great new look.

Don’t forget the best part – all the tools and accessories that make the doll salon scene complete! The 33-piece Hair Salon Set has over 30 fabulous pieces to style your American Girl doll’s hair and give her a full salon treatment. The set includes: hair dryer, curling iron, flat iron, hand mirror, table mirror, smock, cape, 4 rollers, 4 long clips, 4 claw clips, shampoo, conditioner/lotion, 2 perfume bottles, 3 hair elastics, 2 combs, 2 bottles of nail polish, 1 lipstick and a storage caddy.

American Girl doll hair style - braid - at the doll salon

Sophia just finished up at the salon and got this pretty braided hair-do. It was pretty simple – just do two french braids that go into regular braids and connect the two in the back and add a pretty bow.

We would love to see your dolls in their salon and with the hair styles you create! Tag us in your Instagram posts – we are @mydollslifebysophias and be sure to follow us on Pinterest too.

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