Beth’s Best 18″ Dolls Bake for Father’s Day

Posted on by Tori Hall

Beth’s Best is having her 18″ dolls baking something super sweet for Father’s Day.  What better way to celebrate Dads by treating them to a fancy homemade dessert. The gals have taken an interest in the TV cooking programs and have dreams of winning Master Chef Junior. Who wouldn’t want to get yelled at by Gordon Ramsey!!  Since school has ended, they meet every day at each other’s homes to watch and see how the teams are doing.  Scanning the other cooking shows, they have learned to make soups and main courses.  They have even taken to preparing vegetables! Each of their dads has a sweet tooth, so they decided on creating special desserts for Father’s Day. They have all of their 18″ doll baking accessories LA-BS out and ready  Carly bought a plain white apron for 18″ dolls DNDA-WH and has personalized it herself.  She instantly fell for the dainty ruffles at the hem and doesn’t really want to get it dirty! Her dad will be very proud of her artistic accomplishments as well as her baking skills!  Always practicing in her own kitchen, Julia received an 18in doll 4 piece baking chef costume DRBC for her last birthday. Now she can look like a professional when she’s whipping up something for the family’s dinner. She especially loves the toque, the tall white chef’s hat and traditional  white double breasted jacket with a cupcake embroidered right on the front! Fortunately, her red clogs  SSPW-RD work perfectly with her chef  outfit. Sophia is all decked out in her 3 piece apron set for 18″dolls DRBA that includes an adorable polka dot apron with a front pocket, 2 matching oven mitts and a white toque (remember what that is?) with pink trim. Each of them now dressed in a super cute look for the kitchen is ready to get to work.  Pie, a cake and some homemade candy will be on their task list and they are very excited to present them to their dads on Sunday!

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