Beth’s Best 18″ Dolls’ First Week of School

Posted on by Tori Hall

Beth’s Best highlights the girl’s first week back to school. Sophia, Catherine and Julia are all on the same bus and can’t wait to share the day’s experiences.  Each of the girls chose a  special outfit for their first day and each day for the remainder of the week, they chose their outfits together. They love sharing their 18 inch doll clothes.  Because it is so chilly in the morning when she catches the bus, Sophia wanted to wear a sweatshirt she borrowed from Carly. SPHD-WH  looked super cute over her embroidered tank top for 18″ dolls SPTT-HP-NE. As it warmed up during the day, she could just tuck it into her carry bag.  Navy denim jeggings SPJ-DN are always comfy and Sophia loves to just put them on with everything. No need to borrow these as she has several pair in her 18 inch doll clothes wardrobe.  Wearing  white patent flats for 18in dolls SUB-WH is her final hurrah before fall.  She opted for a sport sack DNDB-ST in lieu of a traditional 18″ backpack  for the first few days until she had to carry her books home! Julia’s look was very casual with her 18″ black sequin trimmed leggings DNL-SQ-BK and chambray 18″ doll  shirt SPDS-PB. Fortunately, Sophia was willing to let her borrow the shirt as long as she could use the owl lunch bag sometime!  Casual ballerina flats for 18 in dolls are a must with all the walking she does getting to her classes. She chose SBFT-SL  to keep her style neutral. Pink being one of her favorite colors, she loves her backpack, MABP-HP and owl lunch sack DNLB-PO. Catherine couldn’t wait to wear something more fall-like and chose something she purchased at the new boutique in town.  The fray hem jeans for 18″ dolls were so trendy and the peplum hem knit 18in doll shirt so unique, she had to wear them during the first week of school.   DRRHS-FJ was the perfect choice and she felt great wearing this 2 piece jeans set that fit American Girl dolls.  All in all, the gals had a super first few days at school and feel that the school year is off to a great start.  How were your first days back at school? Hoping that your school year is off to a great start too!

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