Beth’s Best Playing After School Sports

Participating in after school sports is a big part of what the girls look forward to as they returned to school.  Each of the girls has chosen a different sport. Carly has always loved gymnastics and is looking forward to “nailing” her aerial cartwheel in her mat routine! Her outfit DRGBT-ST is awesome for workouts as it has a great slouchy tee shirt as a coverup to wear while warming up on the mat.  The one piece leotard for 18in dolls is so comfy with the stretchy fabric and strappy back; she can freely move through all her routines. Her 18″ doll gym bag, DNDB-ST can hold lots of stuff she needs: wrist guards, chalk, slippers.  Catherine is off doing cross country running.  She loves going through the scenic areas around the school. Her 18″ doll running outfit DRWOS-PG is a 3 piece set in some of her favorite colors, pink and green! Capri length stretch pants for 18 inch dolls match the long sleeve tee shirt which has thumb holes to keep her sleeves down as the weather gets chilly. She loves the “LOVE” graphic on the 18in doll tee and with her long hair, all her fly aways are kept in place with the elastic hair band. Sophia and Julia chose sports that they have never done before and are up for the challenge. Julia is tackling tennis and has visions of one day going to see the US Open! DRTD is a one piece interlock tennis dress for 18 inch dolls  She can cover the entire court in this 18″ doll tennis outfit (which includes a racket and tennis ball) and is eager to get out to the courts to practice her serve. Field hockey is the sport that Sophia is playing this year.  She watched her older sister play and thought this might be something fun for her to try. Getting her own 18″ doll hockey uniform DRSEU was very exciting and it came with a tank, shorts and a skirt. Her sports equipment for 18″ dolls JL-SE includes her hockey stick, shin guards and  practice balls (in addition to a basketball and lacrosse stick for participating in other sports!) After practice, the girls head back to the locker room and gather their stuff in the gym lockers, LA-L.  During the carpool ride home, they chatter about team mates and how much fun they are having. Depending on their play schedules, they want to come and watch each other, show their support and cheer for the home team!

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