Beth’s Best Between Class Catching Up!

Posted on by Tori Hall

Now that the girls are fully immersed back at school, catching up between classes is sometimes all our gals get to do until the weekend. Sophia, Catherine and Julia met after lunch at their lockers to share some stories and some laughs! LA-L, their 18″ doll lockers are full to the brim with sporting gear, books and assorted stuff. While there was not a formal outfit coordination, it might as well have been “skirt day” at school as each of the gals was wearing an adorable 18 inch skirt outfit.  Sophia loves this 2 piece skirt set for 18in dolls.  This set features a long sleeve graphic tee shirt that fits most 18 inch dolls. The snow leopard face covers the entire front of the tee and a hook and loop closure makes it a snap to put on.  Faux turquoise suede fabric is a great cool weather color and this 18in doll skirt had covered buttons in front and a scalloped hemline. Sophia’s doll shoes are very trendy and complement the turquoise skirt perfectly.  S2T-CF are turquoise patent leather doll shoes that fit American Girl dolls. The “T” strap design, decorative bow and hook and loop closure allow this shoe to fit many 18″ dolls. But Sophia is in a hurry…grabbing her silver backpack and putting on her reading glasses, she promises to catch up with Julia and Catherine on Friday night. Catherine  needs to remember to put away her owl lunch bag, which still has a granola bar inside!  Her 2 piece 18″ doll skirt set, SH-ZT-HP, is a bit summery but Catherine is not yet accepting that the weather is changing! Inside her locker is her  varsity jacket for 18in dolls which she needs in the morning waiting for the bus. She agreed to not wear sandals but ballet flats to help keep her feet a bit warmer! They look great with this outfit as well as some of the other more seasonal doll clothes she has in her wardrobe. Off to class, notebook in hand and books in her backpack, Catherine has just enough time to tell a funny story about someone in her math class with the hiccups that lasted all class! Julia is just going to study hall and doesn’t need to hurry off and she has lots to chat about! It will just have to wait until their sleepover this Friday, after the football game.  In the meantime, Julia’s 18″ doll skirt outfit SH-DS-LT  also has a long sleeve graphic tee (do you detect a theme?) and denim skirt with sequin trim. Her hot pink ballet flats are the perfect shoe to wear all year.  The color pops and the bow detail makes these easy to dress up or down. So off to class they go, full of the tales of the day to make the Friday night sleepover a night to recap the week!

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