Beth’s Best Camping Adventure with 18″ Dolls

Posted on by Tori Hall

Beth’s Best takes the 18″ dolls on a camping adventure.  Carly’s parents have a small camper and invited Sophia and Catherine along for a few days in the great outdoors. They usually frequent a campground only a short 2 hr drive from their neighborhood. It has a super fun lake with a floating dock they can swim out to.  Carly brought her spacious purple Coleman tent that fits American Girl dolls, JL-T-PU so that they can spend the night outdoors (away from the grown ups!) and stay up a bit later than usual laughing and telling stories. This 18″ doll tent  will sleep all of them very comfortably and they can even stand up inside.  Since the weather has been so hot, swimming, tubing and staying close to the lake was all the girls could think of.  Coincidentally, bathing suits take up very little space in a backpack MABP-LP and will certainly be the preferred outfit throughout the weekend. Carly‘s 18 inch doll swimsuit felt a bit “dressy” for this trip but she adores it and wears it all of the time.  DRBOS-BK is a black polka dot one piece 18″ doll swimsuit with a one shoulder decorative strap. She was very excited when she purchased it because they also had matching 18in doll flip flops STFF-BK and 18″ doll sunglasses, DNFSG-BK. She just loves the totally polka dot look! Sophia was the first into the lake and had a blast just bobbing around in her colorful inner tube for an 18″ doll JL-IT-SU. The royal purple color of her inner tube matches her  one piece 18 inch doll swimsuit DRBRC-PU perfectly. The layers of ruffles on the suit seem to come to life in the water…let’s hope that doesn’t attract any critters that are living in the lake!!!! Dainty shoulder straps and ruffle trims make Catherine‘s one piece bathing suit for 18in dolls just as cute as can be.  DRBSP-HP-IT came with it’s own inner tube and the color combinations in this 18″ doll clothes 2 piece bathing suit set work so well together.  She adores the purples, blues and of course, pink with white polka dots! Seems to be a theme with these gals!  So while they are out having a splashing good time, they have not forgotten the sunscreen and bug spray! Have fun…be safe!

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