Beth’s Best Fashion Show Fundraiser for 18″Dolls

Posted on by Tori Hall

The girls love dressing up and helping their community, so Beth’s Best is having a fashion show fundraiser. Since Sophia’s family has a rescue dog and Carly’s family just adopted a cat,  their fundraiser will support the ASPCA. Our first contestant, Carly wore a stunning blue spaghetti strap dress with a matching hair accessory,  shawl and purse DRSDT-AC.  Her metallic teal shoes SUB-TL were a perfect match and made it easy to move about the stage while she sang “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” for the talent portion! Catherine was excited to wear her rainbow two piece bikini with the matching skirt DRBSB-RB.  for the swimsuit competition.  It is her favorite 3 piece bathing suit for 18in dolls  because if she wants an easy cover-up, she just puts the skirt on over the bikini bottoms. The yellow ring details are fun. Strutting down the runway in her polka dot flip flops STFF-AQ certainly caught the judges eye! These unique sandals for 18″ dolls fit snugly at the toe and have an elastic strap to be sure they stay put! Sophia was the top fundraiser for the ASPCA and received a bouquet of flowers and wore her tiara proudly. Her pink strapless gown DRBGS-LP  included her long pink opera gloves and tiara (good thing she won!) She needed an 18″ doll dress shoe with a small heel and peep toe,  SSPT-PK, so that her gown would not drag…or so she wouldn’t trip over the dogs and cats while walking down the runway! She also wanted her manicured piggy toes to show! So cute! The girls had a such a blast dressing up and strutting their stuff down the runway while raising  some much needed funds for one of their favorite organizations.  If you wanted to have a fashion show as a fundraiser, what charity would you choose?

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