Beth’s Best Scores Sales for 18″ Doll Dresses

Nobody likes an 18″ Doll Dress Sale better than Beth and the girls, so she is sharing her passion in today’s Beth’s Best Dress Sale!  Sophia has just discovered a store with some super cute 18″ doll dresses, 18″ doll shoes and accessories all on sale! Dresses are dressy and there are some even ball gowns that fit American Girl dolls that might be perfect for halloween…and they are on sale! Gathering her selections in the dressing room, Sophia didn’t know where to begin.  First, she tried on a very conservative holiday dress for 18in dolls, DRHD-NV because she knows that she’ll need something fancy to wear during the next several months.  Velvet, being the fabric of the season, brings this traditional styled doll dress into the trends of today. The top of the dress is made from a rich blue fabric while the slightly full skirt is a textured satin fabric adding dimension to this elegant dress. Rosettes in ivory satin embellish the waistband which Sophia just loved. She found these very cool 18in doll fur jacket accessories that she was playing around with over top.  Great look, right! These jackets for 18 inch dolls DRFCJ come in several colors: white, black, berry and light pink.  She was so excited to think about all of the other outfits she could top off with this funky jacket!  Then there was this other velvet number, DRBVD-HP which would be awesome for the holiday dance! A  hot pink polka dot satin skirt is topped with a black velvet top. “This doll dress for 18 inch dolls can’t also be on sale” she thought! Then she couldn’t resist the amazing ball gowns, which she wanted to try on for Halloween…since she had no immediate plans to attend anything that fancy!!! DRCPD-TW was what every 18″doll fairy princess wanted to wear. It comes with a tiara, a wand and looks just perfect with the silver high heel shoes that fit American Girl dolls, SPH-SL. While strapless doll dresses are new to her 18 inch doll wardrobe, Sophia was excited to try on the pink strapless ball gown for 18″ dolls DRBGS-LP. Such a beautiful shade of pink, one of Sophia’s favorite colors, the satin bodice and tulle covered ball gown was exquisite. Accessories that come with this gown for an 18 inch doll are long pink opera gloves and a tiara! WOW! Her next trip into the dressing room will be for shoes, and accessories! She best decide quickly as the sale on these 18″ doll dresses, shoes and accessories ends tomorrow!

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