Beth’s Best Starting Preseason Soccer Practice for 18”Dolls

Posted on by Tori Hall

Beth’s Best is highlighting preseason soccer practice for our 18” dolls. As much as the girls are loving summer vacation, Sophia and Carly are looking forward to preseason soccer practice at the new middle school field. For now, they are only having practice once daily, but as the school year gets closer, there will be the dreaded “two-a-days”.  This means early morning practice and a late afternoon practice and lots of icing in between!  Today Carly’s mom drove Sophia and Carly to the fields.  Carly was happy to be wearing last year’s jersey DRSO-ST. The bright star pattern jersey in this 18in doll 3 piece soccer outfit was fitting for the team name, The Superstars. Her feet didn’t grow much this summer so her last season’s black cleats for 18”dolls SSC still fit even under the heavy soccer socks, DNSK-BK. Sophia’s travel team uniform 3 piece soccer set for 18 inch dolls, DRSO-FS has a shimmery hot pink jersey which  matched perfectly with the fuchsia 18” doll soccer shoes SSC-FS they wore.

Not long after being dropped off at the fields and going through the warm up exercises, the sky became very dark and it began to pour.  Fortunately, Carly’s mom had been watching the weather and the afternoon practice was going to be a washout! While heading back up to the school, she stopped and picked up Julia and Catherine so that the girls could go to the movies. What a surprise to see Julia and Catherine running onto the field in their rain gear and umbrellas to help cover their friends from the pouring rain.  Julia came all decked out in her 18in doll yellow raincoat slicker DRRC-YL and matching yellow patent rain boots for 18” dolls SSRW-YL. The colorful pastel plaid lining is just so adorable and compliments her JL-U-HP pink umbrella sized for American Girl dolls.  She quickly got Carly underneath so that she wouldn’t get soaked! Catherine, in her purple poncho and plaid rubber wellies DRRP-PW, 2 piece outer wear set for 18 inch dolls, had Sophia underneath her pink polka dot umbrella JL-U-PD in a flash, but Sophia knew she had a towel in her gym bag…probably now soaked too!!! What’s a little rain among friends! They would dry off in the movie theater. Can you guess what movie they saw?


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