Beth’s Best takes 18″ Dolls to Cooking Class

With so many cooking shows on, Beth’s Best takes the 18″ Dolls  to Cooking Class. This year, they get to have Family and Consumer Science which teaches cooking, sewing and basic life skills.  Sophia and Catherine are super excited to have cooking class first! The first week was so boring because they just talked about cooking, kitchen safety and other stuff that was not cooking! Today, they are actually starting with Mac and Cheese.  Catherine’s apron set for 18″ dolls, DRBA, comes with the adorable polka dot apron, oven mitts, and chef’s hat.  Good thing it covers her yellow tee shirt, SPTS-CF-YL, because she tends to be a bit messy in the kitchen! How cute that her 18 inch doll shoes, SVS-HP, match! They were the first she grabbed as she headed out the door to catch the school bus.  She didn’t even plan that to happen!   She is carefully taking out the class sample from the oven. Careful Catherine, it’s very hot! You might want your other oven mitt! Sophia is very busy with today’s Mac and Cheese perparation.  LA-BS,  the complete 23 piece baking set for 18in dolls, has all of the tools needed to create her delicious masterpiece. The milk and cheese went into the mixer and the other ingredients were handy in their canisters.  The teacher had demonstrated the next assignment, which is baked goods…and left a tiered tray JL-DDS with all sorts of goodies! There were cupcakes, petit fours and donuts! Both the girls were salivating just thinking about enjoying those! While they love the cooking part of the class, the clean up part is not as much fun.  Just look at the pile of dirty dishes already filling up the sink! Bon Appetite!


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