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There are always questions about cleaning the vinyl bodies and the hair of your 18” doll. I don’t think that there’s one correct answer as dolls vary in age, construction materials, and need for cleaning. I have found some consistency with the fact that you don’t ever want to get water into a doll’s eyes. This could cause rusting of the functioning parts of your doll’s eye and prevent them from opening and closing properly. If your doll has cloth parts…either the body and/or limbs, care will need to be taken not to get these parts wet. Surface cleaning with a clean damp cloth and mild cleaner seem to be the most recommended procedure. For cloth that has been discolored due to age, replacement might be the best option. Vinyl care varies and although there are commercial products available, I would suggest trying some of the more “home spun” alternatives first. Never use products with bleach! When starting to clean vinyl, always start with the mildest cleaner, like Dawn dish soap, and work up from there. Scrubbing cleaners and acne treatments are recommended for more stubborn stains, and I even read an article that uses Vaseline. Hair washing is not usually recommended for either wigs or rooted hair. Caring for your 18” doll’s hair can be accomplished without washing. Drying and curling hair should not be done with either a blow dryer or curling iron. This could destroy synthetic hair. Only wig brushes are to be used and are available on My Doll’s Life®.  There are lots of sites dedicated to doll care and restoration and will provide many “how to’s” for maintaining your doll. Especially with 18” play dolls, it is important to have clean hands before playing with them. Oils from your hands can potentially attract dirt and stains making them more difficult to remove. We all want our American dolls to be lovely and hopefully, some of these tips will help!

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