For the 18″ American Girl Doll Lover

Posted on by Tori Hall

Lately, I have seen many advertisements for a Kate Middleton doll. This royal wedding is drawing curiosity from all of us, whether you are a royal watcher or not! Most recently, I saw an ad for a 16” porcelain doll of the soon to be Princess, dressed in a wedding gown. Now, what was most intriguing to me, was the disclaimer that the gown was just an artist’s rendering. The actual wedding gown is being kept a well guarded secret and until it is revealed, the company selling this doll can only dress her in a “concept” gown! After the wedding, an identical representation will be created and will don each Kate Middleton doll they sell!  What’s not a secret, are all of the trendy and fashion forward 18” doll clothes and accessories on My Doll’s Life ®. Although we won’t be carrying a replica of the royal wedding gown, we do have a vast selection of dresses…fit for a queen…your 18” American Girl ® doll.

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