Beth’s Best Says Hooray for Field Day for 18 Inch Dolls

Posted on by Tori Hall

Field Day is one of the  most fun school days by far so  Beth’s Best is shouting Hooray for Field Day! The girls are very excited to be participating in Field Day, because their grade finally gets to play with Eartha…the extremely large, blow up medicine ball  that resembles a globe.  It is way too big for the little kids and has become something that all of the kids look forward to starting from kindergarten!  The other events are just as much fun, like “water in the spoon”, kicking a soccer ball around cones, tug-of war  and a bean bag toss…even if we are  on different teams.  The weather was “iffy” but we all wanted to wear shorts in case it was hot or we got wet during one of the events.  Sophia can’t be missed in her neon workout set for 18 inch dolls  DRSBT-GT  with matching sneakers hot pink and green mesh doll sneakers SRMS-PG.  Lucky for Julia, she was assigned to be on Sophia’s team.  Her interlock 18″ doll shorts and sweatshirt set DRBSS-HP is so comfy and she can wear it to basketball practice after school. No way she wasn’t wearing her favorite 18in doll  high top sneakers S3HT-BK which are all broken in from being on the court.  Catherine and Molly are on the same team and are looking forward to the competition against their best friends! With soccer practice after school, Catherine just decided to wear her 18″ doll soccer uniform DRSO-ST jazz it up with her sequin sneakers S3-SQ-HP. Molly didn’t really plan her outfit and found a pair of 18″doll khaki shorts SPSH-KH and a baseball style tee shirt SPTS-BB-LV.  Digging around her closet, she found S3-KH khaki sneakers for 18 inch dolls and she was all set to head out to school.   Red Team vs Blue Team…Let the Games Begin!

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