Make a Scene: Beachside Concession Stand

Posted on by Tori Hall

Summer is here and that means more time to play!! Setting up doll play scenes are a great way to inspire creative play and spark imaginations. Girls of all ages love to recreate their favorite activities, memories and interests in their doll play and we have found that doll food focused activities are always a big hit.

Not sure where to start when setting up a doll play scene? No worries – we’ll get you started! Here’s the concept – Julia works at the local Sweet and Snack Shop at the Boardwalk, but they are taking some of their best sellers out to the beachside concession stand to serve even more customers.

What you need to set up the Beachside Concession Stand:

Reversible Beach/Runway Playscene – Reversible playscenes are an easy way to inspire play and they are lightweight, fold flat, and so colorful. My Doll’s Life carries reversible playscenes in a variety of themes – the beach scene is one of my favorites!

Concession Table with 2 Chairs and 3 Signs – If you invest in one play piece, the concession table would be my number one recommendation! The concession table comes with two chairs and three different signs – you can set up a lemonade stand, store of any kind, make a snack stand, use the table as a doll dining room table, doll craft table and so much more! The shelves under the table are so much fun to use for more display space.

21 piece Cash Register Set – The cash register set is another set that just has so many uses! Complete with play money, lights and sounds, and play food groceries, this will become a quick favorite for sure!!

Ice Cream & Yogurt Cup Set – This fun set looks good enough to eat and is a great addition to any doll play or photography session.

Cupcake & Petit Four Set – Like many of our doll food sets, the cupcake and petit fours set comes in a decorative display box perfect for keeping all your doll food and accessories organized.

Blue Seersucker Dress – Our 18″ doll, Julia, is the perfect friend for American Girl dolls and similar brands. She can share clothes with most of them – like this cool blue seersucker dress that will be a summer style staple for all your 18″ doll friends.

Take these ideas as inspiration and get creative with your set ups! You can even make accessories using items you may already have, too. The most important thing is to have fun!

As always, we love to see what adventures your dolls are having! Tag us in your Instagram posts – we are @mydollslifebysophias and be sure to follow us on Pinterest too.

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