18 Inch Doll Outfit of the Week plus FREE Shoes

October 1st is National Homemade Cookie Day? Personally, I thought that was every day! So in celebration of this awesome holiday, this week’s Outfit of the Week will be DRBC…the perfect outfit to wear while baking those homemade cookies! This outfit is a 4 piece set. Included is a double breasted chef’s coat with faux side pockets and an embroidered design on the chest…a cupcake topped with a cherry! The traditional black and white checkered pants have an elastic waist band and an easy fit. The toque, or chef’s hat and red bandana complete the set. FREE with purchase is a pair of bright red  polliwog sandals SSPW-RD…perfect for all of the standing most chefs do! Your 18 inch doll will feel right at home in the kitchen wearing this delightful outfit. Since Halloween is right around the corner…she might also want to wear this for trick or treating!

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