Tip of the Day for 18″ American Doll Collectors

Posted on by Tori Hall

Would you enjoy a different hair style on your American doll? Why not try some new styles and see how they look! An easy style is a simple pony tail, where you simply gather all the hair into one piece at the back of her head and secure it with a band. Variations on a pony tail are leaving some hair down, taking the pony tail out to one side or high on the head for that “messy” look! If you are up for a challenge, try braiding your doll’s hair. Below are some simple instructions. Be patient, especially if you are a novice! You can try one braid down her back and when you get comfortable with your braiding, try dividing her hair down the back and braiding 2! Be sure you have good wig brush and a spray bottle with water. These tools will help! We have 2 brushes that might be just perfect! DNHB-G is a small glitter hair brush that comes in purple or hot pink. It is great for little hands. DNHB-PK is a standard size wig brush and comes in glitter pink!

For a simple braided look, start by brushing the doll’s hair and misting it with a spray bottle filled with water. Brush out 1 inch pieces from the sides and pull them back. Take a 1 inch section from the back middle and braid all three sections together down the back of the doll’s hair to form one large braid. Do this by taking the left piece over the center piece and the right piece over what is now the center piece. Repeat this until you reach the end. Secure the hair with an elastic band.

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