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Beth’s Best 18″ Dolls Bake for Father’s Day

Beth’s Best is having her 18″ dolls baking something super sweet for Father’s Day.  What better way to celebrate Dads by treating them to a fancy homemade dessert. The gals have taken an interest in the TV cooking programs and have dreams of winning Master Chef Junior. Who wouldn’t want to get yelled at by Gordon Ramsey!!  Since school has ended, they meet every day at each other’s homes to watch and see how the teams are doing.  Scanning the other cooking shows, they have learned to make soups and main courses.  They have even taken to preparing vegetables! Each of their dads has a sweet tooth, so they decided on creating special desserts for Father’s Day. They have all of their 18″ doll baking accessories LA-BS out and ready  Carly bought a plain white apron for 18″ dolls DNDA-WH and has personalized it herself.  She instantly fell for the dainty ruffles at the hem and doesn’t really want to get it dirty! Her dad will be very proud of her artistic accomplishments as well as her baking skills!  Always practicing in her own kitchen, Julia received an 18in doll 4 piece baking chef costume Continue Reading →

Celebrating Olympic Game’s Equestrian Events

Celebrate the 2016 Olympics  with My Doll’s Life as we feature 18 inch doll clothing that represents the various events…this one being Equestrian Events.  DRRO-NV is a traditionally styled equestrian set for 18 inch dolls. This 3 piece riding outfit for 18″ dolls features a navy riding jacket. Styled like the authentic competitive equestrian clothing, this 18″ doll riding jacket is longer in length and has a fitted profile. Underneath, your doll will wear a white cotton dickie embroidered with a navy horseshoe…sure to bring your American Doll all the luck she will need to win her event.  Tan jodhpurs complete this equestrian costume for 18in dolls. Stirrups and suede inserts give these riding pants their classic look.  Included with this 18 inch doll equestrian outfit are tall, black riding boots. Again, a traditional look is achieved for these 18 inch doll riding boots with lace up fronts that self tie and a zipper in the back to make them easily worn by your doll.  If your American doll needs a trusty steed, she can ride LA-HL, our beautiful thoroughbred doll horse by Sophia’s ®.  We want to celebrate all of the athletes competing in the Continue Reading →

Tally Ho!

American Girls are equestrians and looking for a traditional riding outfit for 18 inch dolls, this Outfit of the Week will have her dressed for her event. DRRO-NV is a 3 piece riding outfit that fits 18″ dolls.  The navy blazer is slightly longer and fitted for a classic look and also features front pocket flaps with a three button closure. Khaki jodhpurs will fit a variety of  18 inch dolls with the hook & loop fly closure and stirrup straps to go underneath her feet. They also have a faux suede “saddle” insert! A white pleated dickie collar with a navy embroidered horseshoe creates this classic look which will have the gallery turning heads as your American girl enters the ring.  No equestrian outfit for 18″ dolls is complete without tall riding boots. Free with purchase are SCRB-BK, classic styled 18 inch doll riding boots. These tall black boots have self tie laces that zip up the back, keeping your doll’s jodhpurs snugly in her boots and looking crisp.

Graduation Day for American Girls

Posted on by Tori Hall

Pomp and Circumstance is abound this season with many of you graduating. Your favorite 18 inch doll can join the celebration  with DRGCG, a traditional graduation gown for 18″ dolls.  The solid white graduation gown has a gentle V-neckline, long sleeves and an invisible zipper in front to easily get it on over her 18″doll clothes.  The length of this doll sized graduation gown is 11 3/4″ and falls slightly below the knees of most 18 in dolls.  Matriculation is official by moving the tassels on your hat and this graduation set for 18″ dolls includes a “mortar board” hat and tassel.  FREE with purchase are a pair of white patent leather 18″doll shoes, SUB-WH. These doll shoes easily slip on most 18 inch dolls and have a decorative bow on top.  All you need is your diploma and lots of congratulations!

Celebrate National Tap Dancing Day

Posted on by Tori Hall

How will your American Girl be celebrating National Tap Dancing Day? We suggest her wearing our Cat Costume and Tap Shoes for 18″ dolls.  This multi piece 18″ costume set includes all your 18 in. doll will need to celebrate!   Although an “unofficial” national holiday, National Tap Dancing Day recognizes tap dance as an American art form. Today, it is used in choreography and as a great way to exercise! Your favorite doll can do both when she wears these 18in doll clothes. The 5 piece 18 inch costume set includes a black short sleeve leotard with flirty ruffles at the bottom and a darling cat tail that attached into the hook and loop closure in back.  The cat costume that fits American Girl has a black satin bow tie, black gloves and adorable pink cat ears attached to a black satin covered hair band. Black patent tap shoes for 18″ dolls are included FREE with this purchase. So if your American Girl tap dances for fun or performance, this 18″ tap dance costume and tap shoes will have the audience on their feet. National Tap Dancing Day is celebrated on May 25th.

Dorothy Costume fits 18″ Dolls

“There’s no place like home.” is what your 18″ doll will be reciting when she wears  this adorable Dorothy costume from My Dolls Life. The blue gingham apron dress has ruffled detail at the sleeves and faux pockets as well as a hook and loop closure down the back of the dress. The blouse worn underneath this dress, DRWO is actually a one piece shorts/shirt romper.  The peter pan style collar is embellished with a darling pink satin rosette.It too has a hook and loop closure. A matching triangle scarf (not shown) is included with this Blue Apron Dress set. FREE with purchase are SRS, the “powerful” ruby red slippers that certainly complete this 18 inch doll costume.  Free shoes is a limited time  offer good through 10/24/14.

18″ Doll Black Kitty Dance Costume

Whether your American Girl is dressing up for a dance recital or for Halloween, this 5 piece Kitty Costume for 18inch dolls DRJCC-BK will have her “purring”.  The black dance leotard for 18″ dolls has an attached black satin tutu with a tulle overlay. A hook and loop closure extends down the body of the leotard and allows the adorable kitty tail  to  be attached.  The 18 inch doll costume also includes a pair of black gloves, a black satin bow tie and a matching headband with pink ears.  How “purrfect”  your American Girl costume will be with Free tap shoes. These black patent leather tap shoes for 18″ dolls, STJ-BK, have a black satin bow attached to an elastic closure and shiny silver taps on the heel and toe. They are easy to put on your American Girl and can be worn with other 18 inch doll dance costumes.

18″ Doll Costumes for Halloween

Finding the best costume that fits your American Girl for Halloween will be easy with all the 18″ doll costumes available at My Doll’s Life.  Whether she is going to be a 50’s swing dancer in the DRPO, poodle shirt and sweater outfit, a beautiful mermaid DRMC,  a silly clown DRCC or a glamorous figure skater DRIS-PK, your American Doll will be sure to find the perfect costume. We also have more traditional 18 inch doll outfits if your American Doll wants to wear a Cook Outfit, Gymnast Leotard or Cheerleader Set.  So if there are parades and parties to attend for the Harvest and Halloween, check out all of the great costumes at My Doll’s Life.

New Costumes for your Baby Doll and American Girl Doll

Celebrating autumn holidays will be so much fun with some new costume selections from My Doll’s Life.  Your favorite baby doll might enjoy the “buzz” in this adorable Bumble Bee Costume that fits Bitty Baby and other 15 inch baby dolls.  This 3 piece set 15-CBB includes a black and yellow fleece “body” that has long sleeves and attached flutter wings.  A hook and loop closure is in back.  Top your busy bee with a matching yellow fleece hat with a black band and antennae! Add the black tights  to this baby doll costume and your Bitty Baby will be a “honey”.  A brand new costume for your American Girl doll, DRBOW is a new costume that also can be used as a prima ballerina outfit.  This 3 piece set features a pink panne velvet leotard with an attached tutu.  The pointe style ballet shoes for 18″dolls  are included. Add the beautiful butterfly wings to transform this set into a dramatic costume.  These wings are embellished with shimmering stars and slip onto your doll’s back with ribbon shoulder straps. Check out these new additions from My Doll’s Life.

Getting your American Girl Ready for the Big Game

Even if you are not a football enthusiast, the up coming Big Game is always an anticipated event! The hoopla, the hype and the commercials! If you are having a gathering, your 18 inch doll can certainly participate and cheer for her favorite team. This 18″ cheer leading outfit will help get her into the spirit of the game. DRCO-PK is a contemporary styled cheer costume that looks great whether your American Girl is doing flips or just waving her pink pom poms , included with this set, at the sideline.  Although the pink, navy and white colors of this cheer leading set are not the colors of either of the participating teams, what girl doesn’t like pink!  The long sleeves will help keep her warm since the game is being held in an outdoor stadium where the weather has been in the single digits! For a limited time, we are including a pair of white “leather” sneakers, FREE with purchase. No matter if you root for Seattle or Denver…or neither…let’s all shout GO TEAM! (free shoes is a limited time offer good through 1/31/14)

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