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Beth’s Best 18″ Dolls’ First Week of School

Beth’s Best highlights the girl’s first week back to school. Sophia, Catherine and Julia are all on the same bus and can’t wait to share the day’s experiences.  Each of the girls chose a  special outfit for their first day and each day for the remainder of the week, they chose their outfits together. They love sharing their 18 inch doll clothes.  Because it is so chilly in the morning when she catches the bus, Sophia wanted to wear a sweatshirt she borrowed from Carly. SPHD-WH  looked super cute over her embroidered tank top for 18″ dolls SPTT-HP-NE. As it warmed up during the day, she could just tuck it into her carry bag.  Navy denim jeggings SPJ-DN are always comfy and Sophia loves to just put them on with everything. No need to borrow these as she has several pair in her 18 inch doll clothes wardrobe.  Wearing  white patent flats for 18in dolls SUB-WH is her final hurrah before fall.  She opted for a sport sack DNDB-ST in lieu of a traditional 18″ backpack  for the first few days until she had to carry her books home! Julia’s Continue Reading →

Start 2016 in Stylish 18″ Doll Clothes

Your American Girl can start 2016 in stylish 18″ doll clothes with this knit dress set for 18 inch dolls.  The hot pink nubby knit 18″ doll dress DRKSD-EM is accented with a solid interlock at the neckline, hem and cuffs.  The textured fabric is accented with a medley of colors allowing so many of your 18 inch doll shoes to be a perfect match.  A “shoe string” tie belt adds a touch of detail that can be easily removed from this dress for a different profile.  There is a purple twisted knot headpiece that accompanies this 2 piece dress set for 18″ dolls. It is a chunky knit that can be worn many ways. Will your doll wear it as a headband, outdoor earwarmer, or even an infinity scarf? The versatility of this doll dress set makes this an outfit that will provide lots of amazing looks for your American girl clothes. Since this is an Outfit of the Week, a pair of adorable doll boots, SFSB-PU are included.  These purple faux suede tall boots for 18″ dolls have fringe along the entire outer seam and a back zipper closure. Won’t these 18 inch doll boots look great with leggings and Continue Reading →

Spring into Jeggings with this 2 piece Outfit of the Week for American Girl Dolls

Spring is about to be sprung and this 2 piece jeggings set for your American Girl will refresh her winter wardrobe.  Shades of peach and coral create a wonderful “ombre” look on this long sleeve, multi-layer ruffle shirt. The pastel peach top and sleeves give way to gradually darker, bolder shades of coral, for a super spring look.  A hook and loop closure will make this easy to dress your 18 inch doll.  The slightly longer length tee looks great over the stretch denim jeggings; fashioned to look just like yours with side and back pockets, and an elastic waist band. To add just a bit more glam to this 18 inch doll outfit, a pair of glitter toe shoes are FREE with Purchase.  SSPT-RO are glitter fabric flats with a cut out peep toe.  There is a fabric trim around the top of the shoe and a matching fabric rosette on top.  Perfect for the upcoming spring holidays, your American Girl will be glowing with this fresh, spring look from My Doll’s Life.

Layer your Doll’s Clothes for Seasonal Transitions

Summer ends and autumn approaches. How do you dress for those seasonal transition days? Here is a great 2 piece tunic and leggings set (DRST-GY) for your 18 inch doll that has all she’ll need for those cooler mornings and warmer afternoons. The soft pastel colors have a summer time feel while long sleeves and leggings lend themselves to cooler temperatures. This tunic length top is very unique, as it appears to be three distinct pieces…a hoodie, a layering tee shirt and a gray satin skirt. The pink striped shirt has an attached hood and short sleeves. Solid gray long sleeves have been sewn into the short sleeve to give a layered appearance. At the bottom, the gray satin skirt adds the final dimension. A hook and loop closure has been sewn into the side seam of the skirt. The top is long enough to wear alone or with the leggings, allowing your doll to create several different looks. FREE with this purchase is a pair of silver metallic ballet flats that compliment this outfit and perhaps many other 18 inch doll clothes you might already own.  (free shoes is a limited time offer good through 9/6/13)

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