18″ Dolls Flip with Olympic Fever

Are you and your 18″ doll ready to flip from Olympic Fever? All the events…all the athletes…the pomp and circumstance! It is so exciting. If you are a fan of the gymnastics events, we have a great gymnastics set for your American Girl doll. A three piece set, DRGLJ-AQ, will have your 18″ doll ready to compete. Aqua panne velvet and a shimmery aqua fabric make this 18in  leotard a showstopper. A string of silver sequins joins the fabrics to create a sensational look for your 18in doll Olympic gymnast! The cutout back will give your gymnast all the room she needs to jump, flip, and hit her landing perfectly. Off the mat or uneven parallel bars, your American Girl can wear the matching shimmery jacket. Its casual baseball style has ribbing at the cuffs and jacket sleeves. To keep all her “goodies” close at hand, a matching drawstring bag is included. Decorated with a rhinestone star design, she can easily store her hair accessories and good luck charms. Free with the purchase of this gymnastics set for your 18″ doll are Black gymnastics shoes, S7-BK. These stretchy gym shoes are sure to keep her feet Continue Reading →

Relaxation and Meditation

Even your American Girl doll needs some relaxation and meditation as sometimes the world is a hectic place.  SH-GT-YP is a 2 piece yoga set for 18 inch dolls which is perfect for those quiet moments of meditation. Under a large shade tree or in a studio, you and your American Girl can find a spot to relax and reflect. This set can take your doll from her yoga practice right to the juice bar!  A lime green tank top is embellished with tiny rhinestones around the neck line. Great for working out and wearing with jeans, shorts or skirts.   Long turquoise blue yoga pants for 18″ dolls are soft and have slightly wider legs so your doll can really stretch and move freely. Down one leg is the word LOVE. Each letter is embroidered with a different color that complements this entire outfit. Love and kindness are two mantras that we all can practice. To get to and from her workouts, we are including in this Outfit of the Week a pair of hot pink polliwogs that fit American Girl. SSPW-HP have adorable heart cutouts and an ankle strap that can be worn traditionally around Continue Reading →

Another Reason 18″ Dolls Love Kitten Videos

Everyone loves the kitten videos that are all over the internet. Don’t they just make you smile? Kittens are soft and fluffy and just make you feel good all over. Our Outfit of the Week, a soft fluffy 18″ doll nightgown with a kitten sleep mask will do that too! Its soft and fluffy and will certainly make your 18in doll feel good all over! DRNGW-KW,  a white nightgown for 18 inch dolls, has soft fluffy fleece underneath a sheer white overlay.  The capped puffy sleeves have an elastic gather are sheer as is the ruffle at the hemline.  Your American Girl will easily get dressed with the hook and loop closure in the back.  Now for the part that makes you smile…Included with this 18in nightgown for dolls is an adorable kitten sleep mask.  The turquoise blue satin mask features an embroidered face of a sleeping kitten with a little pink nose. A white satin offset bow  just makes this the most darling accessory for your American Girl doll.  Soft and fluffy 18″ doll slippers SFS-RO will complete this special offer. Keeping with the theme, these suede 18in doll slippers are lined with fluffy white fur Continue Reading →

Celebrate Women’s Olympic Soccer Team USA

Celebrate the USA women’s soccer team! At My Doll’s Life®, we have 3 adorable 18″ doll soccer outfits to help get everyone in the spirit. Two different styles and each soccer set for 18 inch dolls comes with black nylon, elastic waist shorts. DRSO-PU a purple soccer set for 18″dolls and DRSO-FS 18in fuchsia soccer set feature an embroidered soccer ball detail on the leg while DRSO-ST a Soccer Star uniform for 18in dolls has 3 colorful stars. The long sleeve soccer jerseys come in a shimmery purple or fuchsia fabric while the 18″ Soccer Star set has a white short sleeve top covered with colorful star graphics.  Each 18″ doll soccer jersey has a V-neckline making them easy to pull over your American doll’s head and the number 1 is screen printed on the back. Everyone on Team USA is #1!  Included with this 18in soccer uniform is a black and white soccer ball which could just be her winning game ball! To complete your American Girl’s soccer outfit, black soccer cleats for 18″ dolls SSC and DNSK-BK, black tall knit 18in doll socks can be purchased separately.  Many of the players on our Continue Reading →

Celebrating Olympic Game’s Equestrian Events

Celebrate the 2016 Olympics  with My Doll’s Life as we feature 18 inch doll clothing that represents the various events…this one being Equestrian Events.  DRRO-NV is a traditionally styled equestrian set for 18 inch dolls. This 3 piece riding outfit for 18″ dolls features a navy riding jacket. Styled like the authentic competitive equestrian clothing, this 18″ doll riding jacket is longer in length and has a fitted profile. Underneath, your doll will wear a white cotton dickie embroidered with a navy horseshoe…sure to bring your American Doll all the luck she will need to win her event.  Tan jodhpurs complete this equestrian costume for 18in dolls. Stirrups and suede inserts give these riding pants their classic look.  Included with this 18 inch doll equestrian outfit are tall, black riding boots. Again, a traditional look is achieved for these 18 inch doll riding boots with lace up fronts that self tie and a zipper in the back to make them easily worn by your doll.  If your American doll needs a trusty steed, she can ride LA-HL, our beautiful thoroughbred doll horse by Sophia’s ®.  We want to celebrate all of the athletes competing in the Continue Reading →

All American July Fourth Celebration

Posted on by Tori Hall

Celebrating an all American July 4th at the beach! A new 18″ doll swimsuit and an awesome swim tube for 18″ dolls DRBSP-IT will make bobbing in the ocean a lot of fun.  I can ride the waves or use the swim tube to belly board!  Because the sand gets hot, the flip flop sandals will keep my feet protected. Look how the breeze makes the flower on top move! Have a wonderful July 4th Celebration.

18″ Doll Shorts and Tank Top All In One Jumpsuit

Being out and about in the summer heat requires an 18″ doll outfit that will keep your doll cool! Imagine a favorite pair of  18in doll shorts paired with a favorite tank top for 18″dolls all in one…and you have this week’s Outfit of the Week.  DRFJ is an 18 inch doll jumpsuit that has the look of shorts and a tank top combined. Carnation pink cotton fabric is covered with pink and beige flowers that have  a variety of green stems and leaves.  An elastic waistband provides a fitted profile and the self-tie bow detail gives the illusion of a 2 piece shorts set. Spaghetti straps and an elastic neckline add gentle pleating on top.  A hook and loop closure in the back makes this easy to dress your American Girl doll. Included with this casual summer 18″doll outfit is a pair of adorable sandals. STTFF are 18″ doll sandals with some great details for American Girl doll sized shoes. Thicker rubber soles are pink with a white layered stripe and the unique “thong” style doll sandals gives these summer sandals a realistic look. A lime green strap and darker green cloth petal flower coordinate perfectly Continue Reading →

School is Out and Summer is In

School is out and summer is in.  Maybe you like to sleep in, eat late and dress in casual attire every day.  Your American Girl feels the same way and SH-WT-HC is an 18″ casual doll outfit that she will love to wear.  A 2 piece pants set for 18 inch dolls, SH-WT-HC is cute enough to wear whether your doll is playing at home or tagging along on a seashore family outting. Hot pink capri length pants are screen printed with hearts and have elastic rolled hems, giving these 18in doll capris a casual and stylish look.  The soft interlock material is comfy and would look great with a bathing suit top or workout clothes that you may have in your 18″ doll clothes wardrobe.  This 2 piece doll outfit that will fit American Girl dolls also comes with a white,  pull over, ribbed tank top. The rhinestone embellishments along the neckline make this 18″ sleeveless doll tank top one that can be worn with many other American Girl clothes.  Each of these pieces can be mixed and matched. Just think how many 18″ doll summer outfits you can create with pants, shirts and Continue Reading →

Memories That Make You Smile!

Posted on by Tori Hall

Do warmer summer temperatures conjure up memories of making a lemonade stand when you were a kid? It sure does for me.  I can remember setting up lemonade stands with my brothers…making our pitcher of lemonade (and making a  mess in the kitchen no doubt) dragging our table down to the curb, coloring signs and posters to announce our stand, waving at passers by and asking them to stop… and how excited we were when someone stopped to buy a cup from us. We were thrilled when the coins dropped into our coffee can collection box. Sometimes, we used a shoe box, covered with construction paper and a slot cut into the top. The coffee can made a better noise!  Lemonade stands may be popping up in your communities now that the weather is warmer. Not much has changed. Maybe signs are made on the computer instead of crayons, construction paper and a great imagination. The lemonade is made from a powder mix not fresh lemons and sugar. However, the joy and excited expressions on kids’ faces as they wave and  encourage “customers” stop to purchase a cup of lemonade are  pretty much just as they were when I was a kid.  Thinking about Continue Reading →

Surf’s Up Beach Party with 18″ Dolls

Posted on by Tori Hall

Beach party 2016 and these girls are ready! Colorful 18in doll bathing suits and accessories make this group easy to spot on the beach. School is almost out and we just can’t wait for summer. We have our beach scene all set up and can only imagine really going to the shore and squiggling our toes in the sand. Julia is going to try her hand at surfing.  She has never done it before, but her older brother has given her a lesson and she wants to learn. DRWS, an 18″ doll wetsuit is going to keep Julia warm and protect her from rough sand if she takes a spill.  She’s got her new boogie board for 18in dolls ABB, which has a huge flower design…easy to spot if her ankle strap comes off and the board gets loose.  Catherine will be bobbing in the water on her inner tube trying to keep as much sand off of her as possible. Yuk…she just hates the sand and doesn’t like touching the bottom of the ocean either.   Sophia and Carly adore being covered in sand and will probably bury themselves just for fun! Continue Reading →

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