18″ Doll Shorts and Tank Top All In One Jumpsuit

Being out and about in the summer heat requires an 18″ doll outfit that will keep your doll cool! Imagine a favorite pair of  18in doll shorts paired with a favorite tank top for 18″dolls all in one…and you have this week’s Outfit of the Week.  DRFJ is an 18 inch doll jumpsuit that has the look of shorts and a tank top combined. Carnation pink cotton fabric is covered with pink and beige flowers that have  a variety of green stems and leaves.  An elastic waistband provides a fitted profile and the self-tie bow detail gives the illusion of a 2 piece shorts set. Spaghetti straps and an elastic neckline add gentle pleating on top.  A hook and loop closure in the back makes this easy to dress your American Girl doll. Included with this casual summer 18″doll outfit is a pair of adorable sandals. STTFF are 18″ doll sandals with some great details for American Girl doll sized shoes. Thicker rubber soles are pink with a white layered stripe and the unique “thong” style doll sandals gives these summer sandals a realistic look. A lime green strap and darker green cloth petal flower coordinate perfectly Continue Reading →

School is Out and Summer is In

School is out and summer is in.  Maybe you like to sleep in, eat late and dress in casual attire every day.  Your American Girl feels the same way and SH-WT-HC is an 18″ casual doll outfit that she will love to wear.  A 2 piece pants set for 18 inch dolls, SH-WT-HC is cute enough to wear whether your doll is playing at home or tagging along on a seashore family outting. Hot pink capri length pants are screen printed with hearts and have elastic rolled hems, giving these 18in doll capris a casual and stylish look.  The soft interlock material is comfy and would look great with a bathing suit top or workout clothes that you may have in your 18″ doll clothes wardrobe.  This 2 piece doll outfit that will fit American Girl dolls also comes with a white,  pull over, ribbed tank top. The rhinestone embellishments along the neckline make this 18″ sleeveless doll tank top one that can be worn with many other American Girl clothes.  Each of these pieces can be mixed and matched. Just think how many 18″ doll summer outfits you can create with pants, shirts and Continue Reading →

Memories That Make You Smile!

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Do warmer summer temperatures conjure up memories of making a lemonade stand when you were a kid? It sure does for me.  I can remember setting up lemonade stands with my brothers…making our pitcher of lemonade (and making a  mess in the kitchen no doubt) dragging our table down to the curb, coloring signs and posters to announce our stand, waving at passers by and asking them to stop… and how excited we were when someone stopped to buy a cup from us. We were thrilled when the coins dropped into our coffee can collection box. Sometimes, we used a shoe box, covered with construction paper and a slot cut into the top. The coffee can made a better noise!  Lemonade stands may be popping up in your communities now that the weather is warmer. Not much has changed. Maybe signs are made on the computer instead of crayons, construction paper and a great imagination. The lemonade is made from a powder mix not fresh lemons and sugar. However, the joy and excited expressions on kids’ faces as they wave and  encourage “customers” stop to purchase a cup of lemonade are  pretty much just as they were when I was a kid.  Thinking about Continue Reading →

Surf’s Up Beach Party with 18″ Dolls

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Beach party 2016 and these girls are ready! Colorful 18in doll bathing suits and accessories make this group easy to spot on the beach. School is almost out and we just can’t wait for summer. We have our beach scene all set up and can only imagine really going to the shore and squiggling our toes in the sand. Julia is going to try her hand at surfing.  She has never done it before, but her older brother has given her a lesson and she wants to learn. DRWS, an 18″ doll wetsuit is going to keep Julia warm and protect her from rough sand if she takes a spill.  She’s got her new boogie board for 18in dolls ABB, which has a huge flower design…easy to spot if her ankle strap comes off and the board gets loose.  Catherine will be bobbing in the water on her inner tube trying to keep as much sand off of her as possible. Yuk…she just hates the sand and doesn’t like touching the bottom of the ocean either.   Sophia and Carly adore being covered in sand and will probably bury themselves just for fun! Continue Reading →

Sophia’s® Safety Standards Take Center Stage

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As parents, our primary concern for our children is to keep them safe.  As they grow and begin to play with toys…including pots, pans and plastic food storage containers…the need to be ever watchful increases.  How do you know if a child’s toy is “safe”?  Who develops the criteria making toys safe? ASTM International creates standards  for which all toys sold in the U.S. must comply.  These standards, along with regulations from the CPSA (Consumer Product Safety Commission) are all created to keep children’s toys safe. The safety of  Sophia’s®  18″ doll products is also our primary concern. When you purchase Sophia’s® brand doll merchandise, you know that each product has been manufactured with components that have been certified and safety tested to meet the safety requirements for children’s toys. The fabrics used in our collection of 18in and 15″ doll clothing have all been tested, as have our doll accessories and furniture.  Sophia’s® takes this safety concern just a bit further. We design many of our doll clothes with hook and loop closures with faux button details. This enables your child to dress and undress their dolls without actually having to button and unbutton, reducing the potential for buttons Continue Reading →

What’s Fun for Memorial Day Weekend

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Looking for some fun things to do over the Memorial Day weekend? Many of us look forward to a day off from school or work and an opportunity to salute our military men and women. Family cookouts are as customary as parades, trips to the beach, heading off with the camper and pools opening for the season!  Horseshoes, badminton and volleyball go together with burgers, hot dogs and corn on the cob at your backyard barbeque. Hometown parades are a great way to celebrate Memorial day and to get your community involved. Is there a bike decorating competition or a local high school band marching? If the beach is your destination, maybe just dipping your toes into the ocean is all you get now however, your imagination of what this summer will be like and how in a short time, you will be boogie boarding and jumping the waves.  Break out the camping gear and gather around the campfire for s’mores and singing. Everybody knows the words to the folk song Kumbaya! Let’s hear it! Wherever you go or whatever you do, your American Girl doll will be right there with you. That’s what makes doll play so Continue Reading →

18″ Doll Bathing Suit Ensemble and Sandals

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If you have been shopping for 18 inch doll clothes lately, there are lots and lots of bathing suits ready and waiting! Everyone is ready to update their 18″ doll swimwear and head  to the beach. The winter doldrums are quickly fading into sunny spring days. No doubt, everyone is anxious for summer and swimming. DRRG-BB is a bold, colorful 2 piece suit for your 18 inch dolls. If you are headed out for Memorial Day or just planning for your summer vacation, this 2 piece swim set for 18 inch dolls would be something you would want to pack.  Aqua print bikini bottoms have self ties that detail the sides and the long sleeved magenta swim shirt is trimmed in silver. A contemporary graphic is printed in silver on the front of the 18″ swim shirt. A invisable zipper closure provides a taylored fit on your 18in doll. With all the mix and matching of swimwear, this set could work with other bathing suit bottoms in your American Girl clothes collection. Pink and white stripe flipflops  are included with this set.  These 18″ doll sandals STFF-WP are unique with their thong design and clear elastic strap so your Continue Reading →

Two Easy Activities Help Celebrate Memorial Day

Posted on by Tori Hall

The upcoming holiday allows many of us an extra day to be home with family and friends. Here are some fun activities to do with your children to help celebrate Memorial Day. If your town is having a parade, (I know that our town does,) here is a quick, easy and fun way to display the American flag in windows or on cozy coupes, wagons or tricycles! Since picnics are also customary for Memorial Day, how about an easy recipe for a healthy, All American Parfet!

Here is a list of what you will need to make your flag:

construction paper (white, red and blue)
silver star stickers (no more than 50!)
scissors and a glue stick

I used one piece of white construction paper as the background for my flag. On the red paper, I marked 1″ lines which will form my stripes. I made 5 stripes. Using the blue paper, I cut a rectangle 3″x4.5″.  An adult might be needed to cut the construction paper, however, if your child can use child scissors, it is great practice if cutting lines are drawn. Using the silver stars, decorate the blue paper sticking stars in lines. Depending on the size of the stars, you might or might not be able to get Continue Reading →

American Girls Celebrate Memorial Day

Posted on by Tori Hall

Soon, American girls will be celebrating Memorial Day with parades, picnics and a day off from school! This is a special opportunity to honor those who have served in our military. Our town holds a parade where everyone lines the streets to watch local marching bands, scout troops, sports teams and military professionals. Houses are decorated with flags and Red, White and Blue is everywhere!  Spectators all wear red, white and blue and your favorite 18″ doll can wear her Red, White and Blues with DRUSA-RN. This 18″ doll dress features stars and stripes in red and navy. Stars on the top and stripes on the bottom, this sleeveless summer dress fits many 18 inch dolls like American Girl.  There is even a red and navy tulle hair accessory  which can even be worn on your doll’s wrist!  Included with the purchase of this patriotic red and navy 18″doll dress are a pair of white slip on 18in doll shoes.  SUB-WH are white patent leather flats with a bow on the toe! So now that your American Girl clothes include something patriotic, this would be an easy 4th of July dress for American Girl dolls too. Continue Reading →

Quick Shop 18″ Doll Clothes Makes Shopping Easy

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Looking for easy, one stop shopping for 18 inch doll clothes? Need a birthday, holiday or graduation gift for your American Girl Doll Collector?  If you don’t have time to search for all the items needed to complete the look you want for your American Girl, My Doll’s Life has “Quick Shop”. Here you will find a selection of 18 inch doll clothing sets that come complete with shoes and/or accessories. Whether you need swimwear, sportswear, sleepwear or just an adorable 18 inch doll outfit, “Quick Shop” has a full complement of doll outfits for 18 inch dolls with just the perfect shoes and/or accessories included.  With just a few clicks, shopping “Quick Shop” products allows you to choose from Sophia’s brand  18″ doll merchandise with the quality, design and reasonable pricing for which Sophia’s is known. Your purchase is wrapped in our signature blue tissue and shipped promptly. We are all finding ourselves with more to do and less time to do it. Take a look at the selection of products in our “Quick Shop” when you next need that special 18″ doll outfit for that special someone.

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