Three Piece 18″ Doll Summer Overall Set

Three pieces of 18″ doll clothing that make a great summer outfit worn together and many summer outfits when worn with other 18in doll clothing.  DROVT is a two piece overall set that will fit American Girl and other 18 inch play dolls. The lightweight denim fabric is fashioned just like your overalls with authentic brass snaps and a front bib pocket. Roll up the cuffs for a cute and sassy look, or wear them straight down…either way your American doll will look adorable. The short sleeve baseball style tee shirt has lavender sleeves and trim at the neckline. The hook and loop closure down the back makes it easy to dress your doll.  SBFT-LV are lavender satin ballerina flats with contrasting gray satin trim. Because it is the Outfit of the Week, the shoes are included with your purchase, making this a complete outfit for your favorite 18″ doll. If you don’t have time to shop for the right accessories to go with an outfit, this Outfit of the Week can simplify your shopping experience and save you money!  If you need a special gift or a just looking for a new American Girl sized outfit for Continue Reading →

Getting Fit with 18″ Doll Workout Gear

Time for you to get out and get fit with some great 18 inch doll workout gear! My Doll’s Life now offers a great new 2 piece workout set for your American Girl doll as the Outfit of the Week.  This 18″ doll sportswear outfit can be worn for a variety of exercise activities: running, walking, pilates,  yoga or just working out in the gym.  Hot Pink stretch pants for 18 inch dolls are stitched in navy blue which coordinates with the navy workout top. This navy blue 18in doll exercise top features a peplum hem and comfortable criss cross shoulder straps.  Imagine how comfortable your favorite doll will be as she goes through her workout at the gym or in the yoga studio. This 18″ doll sportswear set is easy to get on and looks good enough to wear as casual 18″ doll clothes when you are getting a smoothie after exercising.  Free with the purchase of DRTRP-NP is a pair of adorable hot pink flip flops.  STFF-HP are adorable summer sandals for your 18″ doll. Hot pink with white polka dots create a great background for a large pink fabric bow. Continue Reading →

Perfectly Plaid Spring Halter 18″ Doll Dress from My Doll’s Life

My Dolls’ Life has a new “perfectly plaid” 18in halter dress for spring. The bright cheerful colors in this fabric are a welcome change from dark winter colors ready to leave your American Girl  clothes. Multiple shades of blue, green and pink are complemented by subtle lines of yellow and orange. Think of all the 18″ doll shoes and sandals that your doll could pair with this darling dress! Styling details make this summer doll dress easy to dress up or dress down. An empire waist is accented with a wide band creating a focal point for the halter top, which closes with a hook and loop tab.  A longer length allows the pleating in this adorable 18″ plaid summer dress to be in the spotlight.  A snug fit for your American girl is easy with the hook and loop closure in back.  Since this is a halter style dress, your 18″ doll might want to complement with summer dress with a light jacket, 18″ denim vest, or  wrap for cool evenings.  Free with the purchase of this dress is  SLFS-WH, a pair of white summer sandals that fit 18 inch dolls.  These doll sandals are a unique Continue Reading →

American Girls Going Green for Earth Day

Sophia is getting ready for a “park clean up day” with a group of friends. She is participating in this Earth Day event in her community.  Luckily, she has the perfect 18″ doll outfit to wear. This 2 piece shorts set that fits American Girls will be great for outdoor  activities with the adorable graphic 18in doll tee shirt, khaki cuffed 18 inch doll shorts.  A pink wide eyed graphic owl is a cute way to symbolize the great outdoors and is the centerpiece of this tee shirt. Khaki shorts that feature rolled up cuffs with a brass tab are a great compliment.  To complete this set, we are including a pair of outdoor hikers for 18in dolls, SKOS-PK that look just like the ones you and your friends wear.  The oversized cap toe and strappy sides make these great shoes for wet or dry outdoor activities. Elastic laces make these easy to get on your favorite American doll.  So let’s all get out there and roll up our sleeves (if your shirt has them!) and keep things “green”.

American Girls Celebrate Earth Day

April 22 is designated as Earth Day and American Girls everywhere can participate. “How?” you ask. Let’s start with the moment you wake up.  When you jump into the shower for 5 minutes, you could be using 10 gallons of water. Have you ever timed how long you are in the shower? Then you brush your teeth. Do you let the water run while you are foaming and frothing? If you brush for 2 minutes you could be wasting as much as 4 gallons of water. Then you are off to eat breakfast. Did you turn off all of the lights in your bedroom and bathroom? Check the light bulbs…are they the twisty kind? These CFL bulbs claim to use 1/4 the energy of a standard light bulb.

After emptying the cereal box and the plastic milk container, where do these go? Hopefully into your recycling bucket and not the trash! If you are “brown bagging” it, do you take your lunch in reusable containers as opposed to a brown paper bag? Now, you are off to the bus stop.  Could you walk instead of asking for a ride? That one is not only good for the environment, Continue Reading →

Spring Has Sprung New 18″ Doll Clothes

Spring is here and so are some amazing new 18 inch doll clothes from My Doll’s Life. From skirt sets for 18″ dolls to 18in doll bathing suits, you will find a super selection of doll clothes that fit American girl. DRBHT-JG, this week’s Outfit of the Week, is a fun, fashionable 2 piece pants set that fits 18″dolls.  Stretch denim jeggings with real front pockets and an elastic waistband are topped with a unique “bubble” hem top. The longer length of this shirt and the elastic bottom, allow your doll to create different looks depending on how she wears it! A unique cutout back design of this shirt creates as much interest as its non-traditional hem.  The spring colors in the fabric are accented by purple details on both the front and back.  For a limited time, a free pair of white 18in doll sandals are included. Interchangeable bows that adhere with a hook and loop tab allow these darling doll sandals SMBS-WH, to match just about any of your 18 inch summer doll clothes.  For this set, we are using the purple bows.  How many different 18″ doll outfits can your doll wear with these sandals?  This Continue Reading →

Spring Dress Set fits American Girls

Heading somewhere for spring break? Whether you are traveling to a different city to see the sights or off to a resort for some fun in the sun, your American girl might want a new 18″ spring dress set to bring along.  DRWCD-FP is a 2 piece ivory dress set that fits 18 inch dolls.  The ivory cotton dress has a simple design that is highlighted by some adorable details.  A V-neckline adds interest to the front while the criss cross straps in back give this 18in dress the look of the runway. A flounce hemline adds fun and flair. Adding to the boho  feel of this summer dress set for 18 inch dolls  is the brown fringe purse/shoulder bag. Made from faux suede, this satchel style bag features fringe on both sides and a braided long strap. Complete this summer doll dress set with FREE SHOES…  a pair of SGLS-GD, tall, gold gladiator style 18″ doll sandals. Zippers in back make these easy to get on your doll andwhat a statement these gold sandals will make. Imagine you and your American doll out to dinner or exploring a museum in a new town…taking a well deserved Continue Reading →

18″ Pastel Purple Dress to Welcome Spring

Spring is right around the corner, why not welcome the new season with an 18 inch pastel purple doll dress from My Doll’s Life.  The fun of this 18″ doll dress is that it looks like a 2 piece skirt and top set! Light gray interlock fabric makes the skirt portion of this doll dress and a lavender ribbed sleeveless tank create the top.  A thick black elastic waistband join them together  creating the illusion of a belted two piece skirt set for 18 inch dolls.  The center ruffles and zipper on this dress make it a contemporary dress that fits American Dolls.  SSBF-GG are gray striped doll shoes that are included with this purchase.  These 18in doll flats have two tone gray stripes with a jeweled satin flower on top. Perfect 18″doll dress shoes to wear with this doll dress or other 18″ doll clothes.

White Celebration Dress & Veil for 18″ Dolls

Will your 18 inch doll be celebrating a communion or are you looking for a wedding dress for your 18 inch doll? DRSDV-WH will provide your American doll the perfect 18″ doll dress for either occasion.  A long white satin 18″ doll gown has a sheer overlay as well as a white lace bodice with cap sleeves. The waist length tulle veil is trimmed in white lace and appears to cascade in tiers. A snap clip/comb securely attaches the veil to your doll’s hair. Completing this celebration gown for American dolls is a pair of white patent leather doll shoes SAD-WH. These ankle strap dress shoes that fit 18″ dolls are detailed with white satin rosettes on top and come free with this special occasion 18 inch doll dress.  Imagine how beautiful your favorite doll will be wearing this gown for her special day.

18″ Doll Outfit to Mix and Match

Even our dolls get tired of their 18 inch doll clothes at this time of year! Why not mix and match your 18″ doll clothes by adding this week’s Outfit of the Week from My Doll’s Life. DRWJT-PV-DOLL is a 3 piece pants set that is the perfect selection of 18in doll clothes that can be worn together or used with other pieces of American Doll clothing to make lots of fashion forward outfits. The wide leg denim jeans for 18 inch dolls are so trendy and look great with  flats, boots or dress shoes. Add the plain white long sleeve top (and what doll can’t use a plain white tee) underneath the hot pink puffy doll vest for a super casual winter outfit for your American doll.  The vest has a zip front and a fur trimmed hood. Use this 18″ winter doll vest on top of dresses, tunics and with skirts to change your look in an instant. This 3 pc doll pants set includes a FREE pair of tan suede winter boots. SEB-TN are 18 inch doll boots with a fleece lining and a side Continue Reading →

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