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A Festive 18 Inch Doll Dress to Wear for Cinco De Mayo

Cinco de Mayo is celebrated on May 5th. If you and your American Girl are going to parades and parties, this brand new dress may be what your American doll would love to wear! DRPFD is a colorful floral print dress with lots of style and details.  The square neckline is accented with elastic capped sleeves that sit gently over the shoulder.  The empire waistband is trimmed with a solid color hot pink band with a fabric rosette, slightly off center. Delicate pleats create a fuller skirt with a solid color ruffle border at the bottom.  A hook and loop closure goes 2/3 down the back of the dress.  Dancing will be easy in a pair of flower sandals SLFS. These thong sandals come in 4 colors and are also brand new today!  Taking part in all the holiday festivities will be fun for you and your 18 inch doll.

The History of Cinco De Mayo

This weekend is Cinco De Mayo, celebrated on May 5th.   This holiday celebrates  the Battle of Puebla, where a small Mexican army comprised of about 2,000 men defeated a very well equipped French army of  approximately 6,000 soldiers who attacked at Puebla de Los Angeles, a small town in east-central Mexico. In the United States, Cinco de Mayo is a celebration of Mexican culture and heritage. Cinco de Mayo traditions include parades, mariachi music performances, traditional foods and festivals. Each day this week, I will highlight something special related to this holiday!

Wear the Colors of the Season!


Spring flowers and trees are in full bloom. This 2 piece set will reflect the colors of the season.  DRPAT-DS features a multi print baby doll style top. The bodice is a spring green and white stripe while the bottom is a lavender fabric covered with white, green yellow and deep purple flowers. Half inch straps and a hook and loop closure will provide a perfect fit for your 18 inch doll.  Dark blue denim shorts complete this set and have authentic details like white stitching and real side pockets. These are great for your American Girl to wear with lots of other tops for lots of great looks! FREE with purchase is STFF-PU,  purple polka dot flip-flops! This is a brand new item so check out the other colors! (limited time offer good through May 3, 2013)

Polka Dot Summer Skirt Set for Mini Golf

Fresh, fun colors and polka dots make this 2 piece skirt set something your American Girl can wear for all sorts of events. Wouldn’t she look great while lining up that hole in one on your favorite mini golf course? The brightly colored polka dot skirt has large side pockets great for keeping her score card and pencil! The aqua blue polo shirt has accents of hot pink at the hem and behind the 3 front buttons. Toss on a pair of “tennies” in a coordinating color and your 18 inch doll has an adorable summer outfit.

Celebrate Earth Day 2013- Think Green

Waiting in line at a community recycling event last weekend, I saw what seemed to be mountains of TV’s, computer screens, small appliances, paint cans and barbeque grills.  Each of these items was being separated and stacked with like items to be dismantled and safely recycled.  I was imagining what these piles would look like in one heap in some landfill and was even more appreciative of the community efforts to provide a safe place to dispose of these potentially “toxic” items.  Take advantage of these opportunities in your communities. Earth Day should be a yearly reminder of how each one of us can live a bit more “green”. What have you done today to be “green“?

Prom Fashions for your American Girl Doll

Prom time is here and dress store windows are displaying colorful and stylish gowns for this event. Why not have a prom for your American Girl dolls? Using our Runway Playscene, your dolls can enter the prom as if it were a red carpet event. DRSD-TQ is a beautiful, full length gown in  peacock blue satin. The simplicity of this sheath style gown accentuates the sequins details.  Shimmering blue sequins frame the cut out neckline and teardrop cutouts on the dress front.  A rich blue velvet trim with the same sequins creates a dynamic hemline. A hook and loop closure goes halfway down the back of the dress. FREE WITH PURCHASE is SRS-SL, silver ballerina flats.  For an even more elegant look, your 18 inch doll could wear the white fur stole and long glove set, DRFSG sold separately.

Polka Dot Bikini and Matching Dress

Polka dot bikinis and summer time  go together like our  DRBPD-SG bathing suit and the matching dress, DRFND-SG.  This sea foam green silky fabric is covered with tiny black polka dots. The bikini bottoms are black with a darling ruffle at the waistline.  The top is fashioned entirely from tiers of ruffles with  a rosette in the same fabric.  For a quick cover up or afternoon dress, DRFND-SG is made from the same polka dot fabric and has a black satin ruched ribbon that forms the neckline of this tank dress.  The surged hemline in a matching sea foam green adds some additional detail. Hook and loop closures on both the suit and dress make these easy to dress your American Girl doll. Enjoy these two new items at My Doll’s Life.

Let’s Move…Join the Exercise Movement!

Michelle Obama’s Let’s Move campaign, emphasizes the importance of being active and staying active.  Incorporating a healthy lifestyle is a lifelong initiative that we all should consider. Your American Girl doll can easily join in while you are walking, riding, or tossing a ball around wearing SH-PT-SS. The short sleeved graphic tee shirt is screen printed with a turquoise peace sign. Green, yellow, purple and pink butterflies flutter on top for a colorful design.  A hook and loop closure down the entire back of the shirt makes this easy to dress your 18 inch doll. Matching turquoise nylon sport shorts have white and green stripes along the side seams, are notched at the leg openings and have a wide elastic waistband that can be folded down or worn up.   FREE with purchase is S3-LM, lime green canvas sneakers, great for all of the moving your doll will be doing!

A Penny Saved…Make a Piggy Bank for Earth Day

Income tax day is rapidly approaching and what better time to talk to your kids about the importance of saving. If your children are receiving an allowance, this provides an opportunity to begin learning to save.  Talk to them about the importance of putting some money away, making a wish list to save for and for an older child, the value of investing.  To help make saving fun, I have found the most adorable piggy bank that requires very few supplies and can be made by kids of all ages. Scissors are requires, so adult supervision is suggested.   It uses recycled items, so it is also a wonderful project for Earth Day. Be creative while saving for a rainy day!  Send me a photo of your finished piggy bank!

Express yourself with a new Graphic Tee and Skirt Set

Graphic tees are a popular way to express your likes and dislikes…and what American Girl doesn’t like purses! This 3 piece skirt DRLTS-TS set features a  handbag graphic tee shirt in shades of purple and lavender. The silvery pearls in the purse handle and on the purse add a subtle contrasting color.  A lavender tulle rosette provides a subtle 3 dimensional detail to the purse graphics. Pair this tee with a frilly and fun ruffled skirt. Rows of lavender tulle are tiered over a lavender satin liner. A satin covered elastic waistband gives your 18 inch doll the choice to wear her tee tucked in or out! To complete this  set, there is a lavender satin sash that can be worn tied either at the neck or waist creating many different looks. Add sandals or flats  so your 18 in. doll will be ready for summer fun.

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