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Beth’s Best and Quick Shop Fall Outfits for 18″ Dolls

Beth’s Best is highlighting two fall outfits for 18″ dolls from the Quick Shop category on My Dolls Life. What is Quick Shop?  If you are looking for fashion forward complete outfits for your American Girl or other 18 inch doll, you may want to shop the Quick Shop  selection.  Here you can find a variety of 18 inch doll clothes that come with shoes, boots or accessories, providing you with a complete 18in doll outfit with just one click.  There are many styles from which to choose. Today, we are looking at two outfits that are perfect for the cooler temperatures of autumn and winter.  Julia has chosen to wear QS-SH-PCSB to school. This 3 piece set for 18 inch dolls includes the adorable pleated polo style shirt dress, purse and sneakers.  Imagine your favorite polo shirt, comfy and broken in that magically becomes a dress! The sleeves are long and the pleated skirt bottom adds an adorable flair that Julia just fell in love with.  Included with this set is a screen printed shoulder bag, big enough to hold a few necessities like a hair brush, DNU-HB-PU.  Comfy 18 inch doll Continue Reading →

Beth’s Best Scores Sales for 18″ Doll Dresses

Nobody likes an 18″ Doll Dress Sale better than Beth and the girls, so she is sharing her passion in today’s Beth’s Best Dress Sale!  Sophia has just discovered a store with some super cute 18″ doll dresses, 18″ doll shoes and accessories all on sale! Dresses are dressy and there are some even ball gowns that fit American Girl dolls that might be perfect for halloween…and they are on sale! Gathering her selections in the dressing room, Sophia didn’t know where to begin.  First, she tried on a very conservative holiday dress for 18in dolls, DRHD-NV because she knows that she’ll need something fancy to wear during the next several months.  Velvet, being the fabric of the season, brings this traditional styled doll dress into the trends of today. The top of the dress is made from a rich blue fabric while the slightly full skirt is a textured satin fabric adding dimension to this elegant dress. Rosettes in ivory satin embellish the waistband which Sophia just loved. She found these very cool 18in doll fur jacket accessories that she was playing around with over top.  Great look, right! These jackets for Continue Reading →

Beth’s Best Popular Dorothy 18″ Doll Costume

It seems that a very popular 18″doll costume is Dorothy, from the Wizard of Oz. Year after year, the blue gingham pinafore and infamous ruby red slippers are worn by dolls, children and adults! Beth’s Best wanted to feature this traditional and somewhat iconic costume for 18″ dolls.  Catherine wanted to be Dorothy this year since she’s got a cuddly little dog that could serve as her Toto! She found the entire 5 piece costume including socks and shoes.  QS-DRWO2, is an adorable 5 piece 18″ doll costume that easily replicates Dorothy from Kansas even down to her ankle socks and ruby slippers.  The blue gingham  apron pinafore dress has ruffle details at the shoulders and patch pockets and is worn over a crisp white white collared romper. The romper actually looks like a peter pan collared short sleeved shirt which is actually connected to shorts! Catherine loves this since she intends to be out trick or treating for hours and this costume is super comfy!  Both pieces have a hook and loop closure in back. She will use the gingham scarf to cover her basket where she will keep a few treats for her Continue Reading →

Beth’s Best takes 18″ Dolls to Cooking Class

With so many cooking shows on, Beth’s Best takes the 18″ Dolls  to Cooking Class. This year, they get to have Family and Consumer Science which teaches cooking, sewing and basic life skills.  Sophia and Catherine are super excited to have cooking class first! The first week was so boring because they just talked about cooking, kitchen safety and other stuff that was not cooking! Today, they are actually starting with Mac and Cheese.  Catherine’s apron set for 18″ dolls, DRBA, comes with the adorable polka dot apron, oven mitts, and chef’s hat.  Good thing it covers her yellow tee shirt, SPTS-CF-YL, because she tends to be a bit messy in the kitchen! How cute that her 18 inch doll shoes, SVS-HP, match! They were the first she grabbed as she headed out the door to catch the school bus.  She didn’t even plan that to happen!   She is carefully taking out the class sample from the oven. Careful Catherine, it’s very hot! You might want your other oven mitt! Sophia is very busy with today’s Mac and Cheese perparation.  LA-BS,  the complete 23 piece baking set for 18in dolls, has all Continue Reading →

Beth’s Best Between Class Catching Up!

Now that the girls are fully immersed back at school, catching up between classes is sometimes all our gals get to do until the weekend. Sophia, Catherine and Julia met after lunch at their lockers to share some stories and some laughs! LA-L, their 18″ doll lockers are full to the brim with sporting gear, books and assorted stuff. While there was not a formal outfit coordination, it might as well have been “skirt day” at school as each of the gals was wearing an adorable 18 inch skirt outfit.  Sophia loves this 2 piece skirt set for 18in dolls.  This set features a long sleeve graphic tee shirt that fits most 18 inch dolls. The snow leopard face covers the entire front of the tee and a hook and loop closure makes it a snap to put on.  Faux turquoise suede fabric is a great cool weather color and this 18in doll skirt had covered buttons in front and a scalloped hemline. Sophia’s doll shoes are very trendy and complement the turquoise skirt perfectly.  S2T-CF are turquoise patent leather doll shoes that fit American Girl dolls. The “T” strap design, decorative bow and Continue Reading →

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