Beth’s Best 18″ Doll Slumber Party

Posted on by Tori Hall

With the end of school on the horizon, Beth’s Best features the last slumber party before the end of school.  Sophia, Carly and Julia have gathered at Sophia’s house for the evening.  Naturally, after  pizza for dinner and a funny movie with popcorn, the gals have retired to Sophia’s bedroom for some girl time! Attempting some new “do’s” is always fun.  Good thing that there are so many styling tools and hair care items in JL-HSS, enough for all of them.  They are very excited about an upcoming field trip to the beach.  This is something special for their class and everyone is looking forward to it! Sophia loves her 18″ doll leopard pj’s DRPJ-LP and coordinating 18in doll leopard robe and slippers set DRNR-LP.  As you can tell, pink is her favorite color and the pink collar and cuffs in the robe and pink fur slippers, truly make her smile! She’s not sure what to try with her hair, so the headband will just have to work until something in her Teen Magazine catches her eye. Carly has volunteered to be the first to be styled.  As long as Julia keeps the scissors away, Carly’s  game for whatever look is being created! Curlers might work, although, Carly’s hair is so thick, she will need tons of them.  Patiently, she’s hanging out on her backrest BS-BR-FP on some comfy blankets BS-PPF waiting for the big reveal! With  a head full of rollers, how will she get her sleep mask on? That’s the coolest thing about her lavender pj and slipper set for 18 inch dolls DRPJ-LL. Maybe Carly should put it on now! Julia is the queen bee of hair do’s and actually prefers to style than be styled! She also couldn’t wait to borrow Sophia’s pink “Love” tank pj’s  DRPJ-HA and coordinating 18in doll robe and slipper set DRNR-PK. While all of this is going on, Fluffy the cat LA-AK is sure that one of those hair rollers would make a super fun toy to play with and is hoping that she can grab one if it falls on the ground.  Now…when the girls get so tired they will most likely not mind crashing in Sophia’s room, even though she only has one bed…WF-SBW. They will no doubt, be up early picking up the conversation about the field trip just where they left off.

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