Beth’s Best Horseback Riding Camp 18″ Dolls

Posted on by Tori Hall

Beth’s Best has the 18″ dolls going off to Horseback Riding Camp.  Sophia and Julia were excited to go together to camp for a week.  This is a new experience for them and a bit of a reward for having done so well during the school year. After a few days of learning about how to care for their horses, both girls improved their riding skills enough to go out by themselves to the beach. Diamond and Clipper, Sophia and Julia’s horses LA-HL seemed eager to get out of the barn and onto the beach as well.  Being intermediate riders, they both wore their black riding helmets for 18″ dolls DNRH-BK, however, Julia just had to wear her HCG-WH white cowgirl hat for 18in dolls over top of hers.  She was going for a western look even though she was saddled up with traditional English gear. Even her 18″ silver cowgirl boots, SCB-SL have a bit of a western vibe! Since she didn’t have a western themed shirt for 18 inch dolls, she chose to wear her favorite accessory, purses by wearing SPGP-PP. Due to the fact that the outing would only be slow paced, they wore shorts for 18in dolls, SPSH-DN and SPSH-KH. Sophia’s look was just a bit more traditional with high riding boots for 18 inch dolls SCRB-BK and her black helmet, but went funky with her graphic pug 18″ doll tee shirt SPGT-MP. They each have their backpacks with a few supplies and are excited to enjoy the afternoon sunset on a quiet beach with their steeds!


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