For the 18″ American Doll Lover

Posted on by Tori Hall

For those of us who enjoy collecting 18”American dolls, there is a challenge in storing the many fashions that are associated with our little darlings!  We have doll dresses, doll shirts, doll pants, doll shoes, doll socks, purses and often jewelry, that need a home when not adorning our dolls. So where does one store all of these items? I have seen several armoires and trunks available that hold some clothing, but let’s face it, when you begin collecting, those pieces don’t hold much!!! I have found that hanging my doll’s clothing up on small hangers in a closet is the best way to see what I have available. Having all the clothing right in front of me, makes it easy for me to decide which outfit to choose and gives me a better view on ways to mix and match the clothes I have. My Doll’s Life® sells a terrific hanger that allows clothing to be hung in several different places. And…many of the clothes sold on My Doll’s Life® have loops sewn into the garment for easy hanging. If you have a special way to store your American Girl® doll’s clothing, I would love to hear from you. Email me at

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